Do You Ask… Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

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Lots of people on a weight loss journey ask “Why can’t I lose weight?” but have you thought hard about why you may find it hard to achieve it?

Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before/During A Weight Loss Mission:

1. Do I want to lose weight?
2. How much am I prepared to give up, to lose the weight?
3. Do I have a supportive network of friends and family around me?
4. What will happen if I lose weight? Will I achieve happiness?
5. Am I ready to give my full 100% effort to losing my weight?
6. Am I prepared to change my diet?
7. Am I prepared to experience exercise and muscle soreness?
8. Will I want to keep my weight off permanently?
9. Why do I want or need to lose weight?
10. What do I expect my body to look like when I achieve my goal?
11. If exercising and dieting previously- How long have I been doing the same workout or eating the same foods (calories)
12. Do I have underlying, undiagnosed hormonal imbalances/illnesses?

These (and probably another 10,000 other questions) are so important to ask yourself. Why? Well folks, weight loss is hard.

It’s a process that takes a lot of strength and energy away from you. The results are definitely worth it, in the end, but to get there is the true challenge.

By answering these above questions, you may gain an insight into why you haven’t been losing any weight. Whilst everyone is different, some common mistake made when trying to achieve weight loss are:

– Not committing yourself 100% to losing weight and achieving your goals

– Not setting any goals to achieve, “Lose weight” is too broad, narrow it down, put some time limits on your goals.

– Sticking to the same eating plan day in and day out. You will never lose weight permanently if you A) starve yourself and B) keep the same calorie intake throughout the whole process of your transformation

– Not seeking professional help and guidance: Do you try to cut your own hair at home? No, most people go to a hairdresser, right? Well the same goes for weight loss.

At least speak to a trainer, find out how much success they have had with their clients and organise some sessions. It’s definitely money worth spending. You will get to your goals a whole lot quicker with the right trainer.

You wouldn’t go into battle without a rifle and machete, so don’t go through your weight loss journey alone.

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Natalie Carter

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