The Emu Family

The Emu Family: A Friendship Adventure

The Emu family’s exciting day takes an unexpected turn, leading to disappointment. But with the arrival of friends, they tackle challenges together, discovering the magic of friendship through teamwork and laughter.

Dive into this charming tale of personal growth, friendship, and the magic that unfolds when a diverse group comes together to create something beautiful out of an unforeseen circumstance.


Sharon White’s upbeat story and illustrations are sure to make readers laugh out loud in this whimsical picture book by the creator of The Emu Family and Friends Series.

The Emu Family Won A Literary Titan GOLD Book Award

literary-titan-gold-book-award- The-Emu-Family

The Emu Family & Friends Books

The founder of Global Healing Exchange, Sharon White is a therapist, coach, writer & speaker who helps individuals live their dream life, clearing emotions & beliefs that are holding them back so they can live their true purpose & passion.

She has been in the industry for 27+ years and has illustrated and written The Emu Family book series to help children.

Sharon said, “Beliefs and values are very important. What we learn when we are children is evidential as we become adults. If we can help children when they are young, I may not see so many adults with issues in my therapy room.

Eddie, Emily and Eric are 3 bright and colourful emus, living in Australia. They have a beautiful group of friends who appear throughout the books. Kiri the kookaburra, Kiki the koala, Snap the crocodile, Kanga Blue and Rooby Red the kangaroos.

The Emu Family & Friends series teaches children wonderful things like:

The Importance Of Community

The Power Of Friendship

The Importance Of Family

Growing Food

Healthy Eating

Exercise, etc.

This series of books is designed to bring fun and positivity to the reader, and also teach them healthy ways of living in this world.

It is also designed to encourage communication between the parent and the child. And maybe even some fun projects to work on together.

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