Juice Cleanse: Are You Game?

Juice Cleanse

On Sunday I had planned a juice cleanse. A cleanse from food, mobile phones, my computer, work, TV and life in general. Just one day out of life (ooh yeh ooh yeh….holiday)

Why Cleanse?

We cleanse or detox (I really hate that word but ill use it!) to remove toxic substances from our body. You are essentially trying to achieve a balance between the acid and alkaline of your body.

Our hectic, manic lifestyles can sometimes throw us out of balance and therefore a detox helps to restore this balance.

Whilst we all should know by now, our body does a pretty good job of “detoxifying” it self, most people just never get around doing it. A pre-made and nutritionally balanced detox can be the answer when you don’t have time to spend concocting juices in your kitchen.


I’m feeling ready, totally confident that I will complete this cleanse (it is only a few days!) I’ve been very busy with work and my eating and training has really taken a backward step. Yes, excuses, excuses but I’ve realized I need to pull back a little and get organized.

I’ve got all my supplies- My Lucky You cleanse kit and my Urban Remedy kit. I’ve organized to read my new books on my favourite section of the lounge.

The bath salts and other bath paraphernalia will be finally used. I am prepared. I’m not going to be afraid of sleeping if I feel like and I will also take the time to get some fresh air.

I can look forward to the following:

Lucky You Cleanse:

Elixir (aloe vera) detoxifying, cleansing the colon and blood stream, green juice/smoothie contains chlorophyll and flushes the acidity out of your body (acidity is created by foods/beverages like alcohol, coffee, chocolate, processed foods, yellow cheeses, meat, wheat and canned green juices are nourishing, hydrating, mineralising and oxygenating.

Spicy lemonade contains cayenne which soothes the digestive track and stimulates the stomach secretions and saliva. Lemons contain magnesium and copper and said to be good for liver disorders, dental car and skin care.

Red juice contains beets great for alkalizing the body. Cashew nut mylk contains protein and is used for repair of tissues and rebuilding muscles.

Urban Remedy

Juices containing spinach, parsley, apple and lemons to name a few plus Coconut water-hydrating and Rice milk and cacao drink for the end of the day.

I have a numbered sequence to drink the juices in and they can be shipped around in a cute freezer bag for the day!

Both cleanses use organic produce where possible

The Cleanse begins! When you sign up, all the pre-cleanse information to emailed to you, along with updates. Very handy and motivating.


1 Lucky You Cleanse

Weight: 68.7kg

7am: I’m ready and willing. Of course I reached for my phone immediately so there is my first fail…I cant decide what’s harder the cleanse or being away from technology

10am: Starting to get a little hungry but I feel great. Repeating the mantra I was given by Lucky You “This too shall pass”. Feel lighter already

1pm: Tired and cranky. I’ve totally broken the no technology ban! So kill me, ok? I need technology….neeeeed it

4pm: I really feel like a steak but I know there is no point breaking now, I’ve come so far and the crankiness has subsided and I really enjoying the smoothies and juices.

7pm: Last Juice for the day and it’s the delicious, much needed cashew nut mylk. Whoa! So good! 20g of fat I really needed you.

9pm: Bed Time. I will surely dream of steak….


DAY 2 Urban Remedy

Weight: 67.9kg

530am: Good Morningggggggggg! I FEEL AMAZING!!!!! Amazing is not even going to cut it. I’m on top of the world today!

I have Urban Remedy to try now, so my cleanse continues. I always like to have something to compare when I’m testing. So here we go:

7am: I’m still on my morning high! Bring on more cleansing

9am: The portions of this cleanse are noticeably smaller, so I feel a littler hungrier but I’m a cleanse addict now, ill push on

11am: No headaches, no irritability

1pm: Starting to feel a little hot and bothered. This is a normal side effect. Catch myself in the mirror and notice my facial skin is a little spotty in some areas. This is because my toxins are making their way out of my body.

3pm: As the day wears on the urge to want to break gets stronger but I WILL NOT BREAK! Time for a lemon and cayenne juice…yum!

On both cleanses, I found the variety such a welcomed change. There are some hopelessly terrible juice cleanses out their that have you drinking the same crap all not, not these!

5pm: Last clients and I’m feeling tired. Really battling with wanting to eat dinner or continue with cleanses. F*&;% it! A few more hours and I’ll be in bed. I solider on!

7pm: MMMmmmmmm it’s Rice Milk time! Part of UR cleanse is a rice milk, raw cacao, coconut drink. This is gulped down (I am slightly exaggerating- you MUST chew your juices! Helps saliva build up thereby activating digestive juices)

9pm: Bed! Can’t wait for the morning, it’s been tough on Day 2 but I’m sure I’ll feel great tomorrow.



530am: Another kilo off! Always helpful. Be warned I’m not doing this to lose weight but when you just drink juices for 2 days you are bound to reduce weight.

7am: My normal eating regime can continue. I have a delicious berry, celery and grapefruit juice smoothie (homemade) and get my day underway.

The best advice is to ease your way back into eating. I kept it light: Fruit and yoghurt for lunch with puffed quinoa, nuts for a snack in the arvo vegs and tofu.

Benefits Of This Cleanse:

Whilst many cleanses or detox boast of the fantastic benefits they have, I can honestly say none come close to the nutritional benefits of the two I sampled. None contain protein elements or guided and online support.

There is also great variation (one thing I noticed when my delivery arrived- so much choice not just the same shitty crap to drink 10 times in the day). I felt my digestion needed a break hence why I wanted to complete this cleanse.

I don’t drink alcohol or caffeinated coffee so I was fine on that front but as I said previously my eating and exercise regime was definitely not at its peak.

Similar to Lucky You, Urban Remedy delivers to your door and has easily identifiable juice for you to have throughout your cleanse period. This cleanse has guided me back gently back on track.

The weight change also gave me back my mojo to eat cleanly (yes..I am human and not a Personal Trainer Robot). My metabolism seems speedier, just what I needed!

I would definitely recommend a cleanse at least 2-3 times per year. Cutting back on toxins like coffee, sugar, meat, alcohol and other high acidity food items is essential for optimal health.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

Natalie Carter

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