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Healthy Environment

Living in a healthy environment can mean so much. It can mean looking after the earth, the situation surrounding you & things you put in and on your body. It emcpmpasses having a healthy environment, healing the planetary environment, environmental issues.

Globally, nearly 25 percent of all deaths and the total disease burden can be attributed to environmental factors.Environmental factors are diverse and far reaching. They include: Exposure to hazardous substances in the air, water, soil, and food. Natural and technological disasters.

The environment is important because everything that supports the survival of human beings is dependent on it. It is simply the only home of mankind, making it the most important aspect in life. Wellness of the environment directly relates to the wellness and health in human beings and every other species.

Our home and work environments affect our emotional as well as our physical health. Among other things, research reveals that our physical surroundings can increase or reduce our stress, which in turn impacts our bodies in multiple ways.

Emergence Of Personal Leadership With Heart

Emergence Of Personal Leadership With Heart

How is personal leadership with heart different? If you find yourself in a position of leadership in today’s world you will require a host of new skills. Some of the greatest leaders in history had to overcome personal obstacles to get the job done. Many of them were successful because they trusted their gut instinct.… Continue Reading

Finding Your Self-Confidence After Baby

Finding Your Self-Confidence After Baby

Being a mum is hard work. Not only is there a little person 100% dependent on you, but your confidence and your health can take a big beating. Struggling with confidence and wanting to feel more comfortable in your skin is a completely natural way to feel. But, when it comes to caring for our… Continue Reading

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