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How Body Image Affects Mental Health

How Body Image Affects Mental Health

Body image affects mental health - Fact! In the past decade, there’s been more and more talk about body image and...
Look Young & Vibrant

5 Ways To Feel & Look Young & Vibrant

Feeling young can do your health a lot of good. In studies conducted by researchers from Harvard Medical School, they inferred that psychologically feeling...
Rapid Transformation Therapy

Rapid Transformation Therapy – Hypnotherapy On Speed!

Imagine life free from anxiety, addiction and bad habits such as binge eating, smoking or excessive drinking. Imagine feeling confident in any situation and...
Functionality Of The Brain

The Shrewdness Of Functionality Of The Brain

With over a billion neurons, the brain is one of the most complex nervous systems that control almost every bit of human activity –...
Take The Stress Out Of Christmas

Take The Stress Out Of Christmas With These Holistic Tips

71% of Australian parents say that they feel stressed and anxious in the lead up to Christmas Day, with 35% admitting to self-medicating with alcohol....
Cleanse Your Soul

Cleanse Your Soul By Cleaning Your House

Life Philosophy From Buddhist Monk Shoukei Matsumoto The idea that the process of cleaning your house could be good for your inner well-being would probably...
Eliminate Stress

Effective Ways To Eliminate Stress During The Holidays

The holidays can be the most pleasurable, yet stressful time of the year. As we begin the holiday season, it’s important to examine your...
Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health

How Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health

Seeing as the healthcare industry hasn’t developed any breakthrough mental health drugs in nearly three decades, the digital world and society we live in have...
Alzheimer’s Disease

How Mindfulness & Meditation Help Battle Alzheimer’s Disease

Dealing with Alzheimer’s is a difficult task that can take a toll on the patient and all the people involved. It’s stressful to battle...
Tips on Improving Your Concentration 

Tips On Improving Your Concentration 

Being able to maintain concentration leads to practical efficiency. In order to be more successful improving your concentration and, indeed, lead a happier and...


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