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spiritual vibrations

Understanding spiritual vibrations and frequencies can assist you in gaining a deeper level and an ability to manage the energies that surround each of us every day. 

Regardless what level you are at, it can help us with understanding the value of our spiritual journey, the lessons on it, and how to maintain a spiritual alignment.

Understanding how energy functions and manifests can help you to understand your experiences as you broaden your perspective of your personal spirit’s journey and share with you the information that can help you to equip yourself in dealing with negative energies or entities.

When a person can have a more thorough understanding of the mechanics and purpose of your spirit and soul, they can develop the ability to deal with confronting or disconcerting situations that arise. 

You can identify different entities and energy levels making decisions in ways that negative energy can be counteracted which leaves you with a heightened level of self-awareness.

This is the ultimate goal in which we all strive to obtain.  To have a personal understanding of our own present vibrational level and what is needed to improve and sustain it at a higher level.

What Are Spiritual Vibrations And Energy?

It is first necessary to understand what energy is. Energy is around us every day.  In general terms energy is tiny particles of matter that form our world. 

These tiny particles are called atoms.  Each atom consists of protons, neutrons, and electrons.  At the center of the atom is a nucleus.

The nucleus (at the center of the atom) is like the sun and the electrons that orbit around it like the planets in our solar system.  

The different groupings of atoms result in the various density of matter (liquid, gas, solid).  When groups of atoms become compressed that forms things like rocks and when they are spread out they form things like air.  This is a very basic overview.

When a group of atoms are moved a vibration occurs.  Simple example:  clap your hands a sound wave is created which is in turn interpreted by your ear drum.  Every vibration that occurs has a different intensity. 

Even in the simple example of clapping your hands you can create different vibrations.  Clapping your hands creates a sound vibration.

There are also light vibrations and color vibrations.  A subtle vibration is different in that it is perceived by feeling or emotion rather than physically heard or seen. 

A thought forms a subtle vibration.  Some will refer to these subtle vibrations as energy vibrations.  Although you cannot see or hear them, they are actually the most frequent vibration that occurs.

Is not as far-fetched as you think; ever walk into a room at immediately get a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ vibe?  Feel like you could ‘cut the tension with a knife’?  Simply know that something exciting is going on?  These are all subtle energy vibrations.

Each of these individual particles of matter has a pattern of movement that happens.  While the actual force that is causing the movement is still unknown even by scientist, it is a fact that it happens.

So we have this mysterious force that is causing the movement of these particles that cannot even be measured but is known to exist. 

A force that is behind everything, behind life, behind thought, behind emotion, behind the wind, but no one can say what this force is.

Intelligence?  Think about this for a moment, every thought and every action that occurs has to draw upon this unknown force in order to exist or occur.  The force is not negative or positive – it just is.  It exists and sustains all life.

Outside of science it is considered to be Source, the “God” force, or the Universal Life Force Energy. 

This force actually defies our definition of force as it cannot be measured because although it moves the particles of matter, it is not the resulting movement which can be measured. 

This force that instigates movement is a mystery even to the greatest scientists of the world.

Stepping outside of the world of science and mechanics for a moment and stepping into the world of spirits.  How does a spirit or ghost appear in the physical realm?  First it has the desire or need to do so.

Within that desire or need to appear, a chain of events and movements result causing the particles of matter to be drawn together.  This conglomeration of matter is what is perceived by the human eye as a spirit or a ghost.

We have all heard the term manifesting.  Many things can be manifested from a new home to a new relationship.  We have no problem realizing this and manifesting. 

The same rules apply.  In manifestation the primary action that is happening is thoughts are transforming into actions or form.  It applies to spirits and ghosts as well as to that new car that you want.

There is a saying ‘you are as you think’.  What you think is a form of energy vibration.  Every thought that you have vibrates out into the universe.  This vibration starts a chain of events and eventually that thought or action will come back around to you.

One thought creates a reaction which creates another reaction like the proverbial ripple made by a stone being thrown into a pool of water. 

Although it is possible to counteract that original thought with another thought, the first thought will still manifest into something.

In this explanation of energy and vibrations we are only touching the tip of the iceberg.  There are layers upon layers that lay below the surface when explaining subtle vibration. 

The deeper you dig in the layers and the more you understand energetic vibration and energy signatures, the more you realize the power of the force that some still today exclaim and proclaim loudly does not exist.

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How To Raise Your Spiritual Vibration?

The Following Exercise Is One That Can Be Done To Begin To Raise Your Own Energetic Vibration Level

Begin by calming your mind and centering yourself. Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Again breath in and out. Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth right behind your front teeth. 

Again in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Relax the muscles in your face and body as you do.  In and out letting all the tension disappear with each exhale.

Now imagine that you find yourself in the middle of a meadow.  Beautiful lush green grass as far as the eyes can see.  Breathe in and out. 

You can see yellow and white flowers.  It is late afternoon and just off the horizon an amazing pink and orange sunset can be seen.  Breath in and out.

As you breathe in the aroma of the flowers and grass fill your senses.  You notice a path that leads through the flowers.  You move towards the path while breathing in and out.  As you follow the path you come to a circular clearing. 

The grass seems to be alive and an even brighter more vibrant green.  Something tells you that you are in a sacred place with a high energy vibration.

As you walk into the center of the circular clearing you see a flat crystal stepping stone.  Stepping lightly your stand upon the crystal. Breathing deeply in and exhaling fully.

As you stand there a dome of white light forms around you, enclosing within this brilliant white light dome. 

You know within this structure you are safe and protected. For a moment you inhale and exhale drawing the white light as a thread in the air deep into your lungs allowing it to fill you.  Allowing it to settle within the center of your being.

The crystal stepping stone begins to glow a violet purple hue until it emerges as a flame between your feet.  You know that the purple flame does not burn, but rather dissolves negative energy and purifies everything it touches.

This healing flame moves through your feet, up your calves and through your thighs.  Clearing, cleansing, purifying as it goes. 

Up through your chakras and down into your hands filling every cell of your being.  Every block dissolved, pain absorbed by the flame and released.

The violet purple flame emerges upwards through your crown chakra moving around your auric beings, clearing and purifying it.  The purple flame merges with the white light of the dome transmuting it into a glittery gold color.

The gold dome shifts forming an egg shaped protective shield around you, becoming almost solid.  The dome no longer exists outside of yourself but as a part of you and your auric being.

Taking a deep breath in and exhaling allowing the golden sphere to anchor itself deep within you.

When you are ready begin to count slowly from 10 to 1.   Know that when you return to the physical you will feel refreshed, cleansed and protected by the dome that now surrounds you.

Should you ever have a difficult time in returning to the physical rub the inside of your wrists together.

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