The Healing Power Of Orgasm

The Healing Power of Orgasm

How can the big “O” (orgasm) help heal illnesses such as autoimmune disease, cancer, injuries and much more?

All I used to know about orgasm is that it felt good. I had no idea that it could possibly help heal the body of injuries or disease. Going back in January of 2008 I was pronounced dead in a head on accident while riding my motorbike.

I hit a car head on, the impact of up to 160 km an hour. My pelvis was smashed totally open, you could see the indent of my pelvis on the tank of the motorbike. My vagina was lacerated by the tank of the motorbike cutting into many nerve endings.

Having many other injuries associated with the accident caused me to have no or very little feeling from the waist down. My sciatic nerve in my right leg was badly damaged and that caused many years of nerve pain and numbness.

Once I became conscious to what was happening, after leaving the trauma ward and going to the rehabilitation hospital, I went straight into healing mode. I knew I had to heal my body to give me back a quality of life.

I used visualisation, affirmations, gratification and sheer determination in believing I will get back on my feet, as I had decided I didn’t have a choice being a single mum. I spent the next three months lying flat on my back while my new metal pelvis was stabilising in my body.

I laid there pretending I was lying on a beautiful beach with my sarong wrapped around me. I kept saying that I felt like I was in a nine star hotel, as I was looked after by the nurses and staff so well. I made the best of my situation and I knew it was helping my body to heal.

Many months later, I started to research and study anatomy. I was especially interested in reaching orgasm as I could no longer feel any sensation while self-pleasuring.

At 37 years old I didn’t want to believe that I may never feel the pleasure of orgasm again. A doctor told me that it may be possible that I may not feel any sensations, due to the nerve damage in my pelvic area.

On my journey of discovering how to heal my body, I have come to learn the amazing healing powers of orgasm. Orgasm helped me heal and feel. With what I know now about the anatomy and the healing powers of orgasm, we can all heal our body, relieve pain, tension and stress.

It had taken this traumatic accident and injuries to lead me on the path of sexual healing and the amazing power of orgasm.

Some scientific information…When our body goes into orgasm our pituitary glands release several neurotransmitters and hormones. Our natural ability to heal is the most complex and efficient drug that exists.

Pheromones, oxytocin, adrenalin, dopamine, nitric oxide and testosterone are just a few chemicals that released during orgasm and arousal of the body.

These are our feel good hormones and help us in so many ways: they relieve pain, stable our moods, help us to sleep better, are anti-ageing, improve clarity of mind, prevent disease and so much more…

Here Are 10 Top Benefits Of Orgasmic Healing Properties

  • Helps Prevent Autoimmune Disorders, Cancer & Systemic Infections. The digestive system is influenced by oxytocin levels and has been proven to calm gastrointestinal inflammation that greatly reduces the risks of these diseases.
  • Improves Circulation To Organs In The Pelvic Cavity. Women who have intercourse at least once a week, are more likely to have normal menstrual cycles than women that are not having sex often.
  • Anti-Aging Benefits. Your skin radiates and keeps you looking younger when having a healthy relationship that consists of having sexual intercourse three times a week or more.
  • Stress & Tension Relief. No more excuses not to have sex when you have a headache. Orgasm will help relieve up to 70% of your headache within four hours. It may take a little longer to work than a Panadol but it is certainly healthier and more pleasurable.
  • A Relaxing Meditation. Orgasm is a great natural way to feel the same effects as meditation whether you are enjoying masturbation or intercourse. You can feel like you are out of your body with the boosting levels of endorphins and cortisol (a hormone released by the adrenal gland).
  • Increases Pelvic Floor Strength. Every time your vaginal walls pulsate you are working your pelvic floor. Intercourse is a great way to keep your core vaginal muscles strong and prevent prolapse.
  • Oxytocin Hormone Helps The Bonding Of You & Your Partner. Oxytocin increases every time you have an orgasm. The neurotransmitters send a signal to the brain to help you bond with your partner, helps your social skills and is linked to your intuition and passion.
  • Spikes DHEA Levels In The Body. DHEA hormone improves brain function, balances the immune system, helps maintain and repair tissue, and promotes healthy skin.
  • Prevents Cervical Infection. And helps relieve urinary tract infection.
  • Improves your overall physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and wellness.

Now you have read the 10 Top Benefits of Orgasmic Healing Properties,  I will talk about understanding that having a quick sex session may not cure your chronic illness conditions.

What Is A Great Orgasm & How Do You Achieve Them?

Making your orgasm longer and stronger is an art of using energy and having the full body orgasm. This is why Tantra is an excellent way to focus and channel your sexual energy to enhance your orgasm.

Making sex a sacred and blissful experience for you to enjoy the pleasure and joy of connection with mind, body and soul. Having a ceremony before having sex with your partner can certainly help contain a very scared space for you both.

You can move sexual energy or ‘Kundalini energy’ up the spine, it can last for hours, even days. You can visualise this energy running up all 7 chakras while doing some breath work and pulling in your PC muscle; this has an incredible positive healing effect on the body.

Clitoral massage was a normal practice going back in the 1800’s to mid to late Victorian era. Doctors helped women that suffered depression, anxiety, PMS, all female conditions.

The vibrator was invented by a Doctor to help women come to orgasm quicker. Prostate massage was also common for men to help prevent prostate cancer. It is more common now that men are having the prostate removed and are not been spoken to about prevention.

The treatments were never considered sexual as they were there for treatment as there was never any penetration. As long as the women were receiving results they could return for ongoing treatments. This is what I would call sex therapy or bodywork.

This is how I began my journey to learn and understanding more about healing the body, sexually, mindset, and conscious awareness. Now with skills on Sex Coaching, Bodywork, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

The power of the mind and genital connection is amazing. This journey has ignited my passion is to help women and men reconnect with their own sexuality, starting first with their relationship with themselves. My studies continue with Sex Coach University, Spiritual work and integration of all energy types.

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  1. Please heal, strengthen, repair, evolve, refine and protect me via the orgasm I had on May 19 2020.

    Thank you.


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