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Energise Your Chakras For Beginners. 7 Week Email Program

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Do you want to learn how to rebalance your chakras without going to a therapist?

Do you want to take back your power?

Do you want to heal your body?

If you answered YES… this is for you.


Energise Your Chakras For Beginners & Transform Your Chakras In 7 Weeks 

Journey with me and we will take a deep look at your chakras and how they can help heal your life.

  • What do the 7 chakras mean?
  • What are the 7 chakras in our body?
  • How do you unblock your chakras?
  • How to unblock chakras with crystals?

This 7-week email program helps you understand your chakras, what they represent and how you can work with them to raise your vibration to aid your own healing. I show you how to unblock chakras with meditation and other techniques.

Each week we work with each chakra, one by one. By the end of the program you will have gained a clear understanding of each of the 7 chakras, have a technique to rebalance your energy body and a meditation for you to listen to anytime you want to work with energising your chakras.


  • The Benefits Of Working With Your Chakras
  • Chakra Meanings
  • Location Of Each Chakra
  • Chakra Colours To Wear
  • Crystals To Work With
  • Affirmations For Chakras
  • Energise Your Chakras Exercise
  • Energise Your Chakras Meditation

You know you are ready to take action and step into your power. During this program for the next 7 weeks, you will create massive change in your life by learning how to work with your chakras.

I invite you now to take the next step and step into your power. Simply buy now (add to cart button at the top of the page) and lets get started together.


“You Are the Creator of Your Own Life”. – Sharon White


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