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You’ve probably heard it takes 21 days to form a habit. I’m not sure how scientifically sound that statement is, but what I do know is that making changes takes time and effort. You need to WANT changes; be in right headspace and be emotionally invested in creating a lasting change.

After years of working with my clients, creating lasting change is possible, but not overnight. The best way to creating change in your life is one bite at a time (or no bites if wanting to lose weight). 😁

So, in saying this I decided to help you by creating this 21-day Wellness Challenge. I’m giving you one change at a time which gives you time to digest and implement before building on your next goal.

Working this way prevents overwhelm. If I told you now what we will be achieving together over the next 21 days, your mind would say, ”NO WAY HOSE. I can’t do that!” The thing is you CAN do it.

The secret to any change is to take small baby steps to achieving your goals.

Think of this as a way of upgrading your Health and Wellness. Start day 1 and 21 days later you will have formed some amazing new healthy habits.

Starting day 1, then every 3 days I will drop another goal into your inbox.

Breaking old habits and creating lasting change is not simple but is “Possible, and We Will Do It Together”.

If You’re Ready To:

✔️ Change Your Thinking

✔️ Have More Energy

✔️ Think More Clearly

✔️ Be Part Of A Community

✔️ Calm Your Mind

✔️ Start Attracting Positive Experiences To You

✔️ Learn About Nutrition


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