Step Into Your Power – The Rising Sisterhood Book

Step Into Your Power

Amy Edge interviewed me about the chapter I wrote in The Rising Sisterhood book. I talk about the power that you have within you to shine as brightly as you can, and how to live on purpose.

We talk about limiting beliefs, how they can affect the way you see yourself, and how you can transform those thoughts in your mind so that you can be your most authentic self.

While it’s exciting, it’s also terrifying because it’s…

  • The day I make myself vulnerable and shared my story.
  • The day I step away from the limiting beliefs I once carried.
  • The day I let go of what others think and share my authentic truth.
  • The day I celebrate with a sisterhood of women who have all had their own fair share of struggles, pain and challenges, yet somehow found the strength within themselves to rise up, over and over again.

I am honoured to be a part of this sisterhood and stand up with this amazing group of women! Are you ready to stand with us?

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ALL of the proceeds go to The Trevor Project they help suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth.

Here is my favourite quote from my chapter “Awakening” “Shine your light brightly because you are perfect as you are right now.”

The Rising Sisterhood community is built upon the notion that every sister deserves a safe place to feel welcomed, celebrated, encouraged, and lifted up as we all rise up and change our own narratives. This MOVEMENT goes beyond us, it is intended to a vessel of serving others, our community, our world.

If you are a successful woman and have already overcome so many hurdles but you are feeling frustrated because it seems like one day your growth STOPPED DEAD! You are left wondering what else you need to do to get to your next level, contact me for a free meet and greet, where we look at the issue you are facing right now and see if we are a fit to work with each other.

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