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Health is holistic. Mind, Body, Spirit, and Environmental.

Global Healing Exchange is dedicated to empowering ordinary people with online holistic resources to help them learn how to live a more holistic lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a therapist, holistic health information, magazines, books for kids or high vibrational art. We have it all!

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Discover our FREE Holistic Living Magazine

If you are looking for a trusted health and wellness magazine that gives you top of the range holistic health articles written by our Experts, look NO FURTHER, Holistic Living Magazine your health magazine is FREE! Each edition of Holistic Living Magazine focuses on a different health topic as a theme throughout the issue. We have built an online library of top health and wellness articles, information and resources for you to make use of whenever you need it and from wherever you are.


Tailor made especially for you.


Choose from different styles of massage. Rehabilitate your body. Feel relaxed and move better.


REWIRE your subconscious mind using techniques from hypnotherapy and NLP to create change.



Work with your energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Relax and experience the power of Reiki.



Working with reflex points in your feet that relate to all parts of your body, stimulating your body's natural healing process.

Sharon intuitively seems to know what your body, mind and soul needs and where to work. At the end you always leave feeling like you have been taken great care of and that is personal service at its best.


Valued client - MASSAGE/REIKI

I have had many years of back pain with little to no relief from seeing many so called experts. Sharon seemed to know exactly where to concentrate on during my first massage.


Valued client - massage

This was the best massage ever. I finally have a treatment for my sciatica after years of searching. Do your body a favour and visit Sharon 😊

Christine Threlfall

Valued client - MASSAGE

I was in a vulnerable place, suffering with episodical depression. The techniques Sharon used were effective as they were simple and allowed me to get to the core of my issues.


Valued client - REWIRE

I had a massage with Sharon today. It was the best massage I have had! I sit at a desk all day and she worked through a lot of problem areas for me. I left feeling extremely relaxed. I will definitely be going back!

Alex Parkes

Valued client - Massage


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