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Holistic Health Information In Australia From A Team Of Global Experts

Global Healing Exchange is pleased to announce the launch of its Healing Portal and Learning Centre to go along with its FREE Holistic Living Magazine and Health Forums available now.

This important resource provides a wealth of information on dealing with holistic health. The online portal is now open for anyone looking for information on managing health, whether physical health, energetic health, mental health or a need for community. It offers free information in video, eBook, article or audio formats.

The portal features a multitude of experts and writers from around the world, all of whom share their knowledge freely to help inform and empower others. Contributors include hypnotherapists, nutritionists, holistic doctors, holistic dentists, physical therapists, naturopaths, yoga teachers and many other holistic modalities.

Our readers are looking for information they can trust. The aim of Global Healing Exchange is to educate people about how they can take control of their own health, leaving our overloaded medical system free to provide for those who really do need medical intervention.

Founder of Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine, Sharon White says: ‘When people are sick, they need help the most, and that is when they can’t afford to pay for this information. That is why I have made this information free.  ‘My philosophy is, no two people are the same, and with the diverse range of practitioners and approaches, clients can now make proactive decisions with respect to their own healing.’

‘Ultimately life is about achieving harmony through balance. It is clear, now more than ever in this fast-paced world, that the mind-body-spirit connection is vital.’

‘I established this web portal because I fervently believe in creating a safe environment where practitioners from a myriad of disciplines can assemble in one “venue” to share ideas, approaches and knowledge with the people who need it most, aiding our readers to continue the journey of learning and moving to a path of greater health and healing.’

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According to PubMed (a free US Government resource supporting the search and retrieval of peer-reviewed biomedical and life sciences literature with the aim of improving health–both globally and personally), ‘Holistic care is a comprehensive model of caring which is believed to be the heart of the science of nursing. The philosophy behind holistic care is based on the idea of holism which emphasizes that for human beings the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that mind and spirit affect the body.

According to Gwenda M Smith – Trained Nurse. Lifestyle Mentor & Educator, one of our experts at Global Healing Exchange ‘To live a truly glorious life is to live in alignment to your heart and soul. In the past 10 plus years I have seen an increase in sickness and illness.GHE is a number 1 go tofor people to find natural healing guidance. This platform is a must have for everyone at this time in the world. Wellbeing and health are paramount to living a glorious life.’

According to Anne McKeown – NLP Therapist, Life Coach & Trainer, one of our experts at Global Healing Exchange ‘In her 50’s my mum was wrongly diagnosed with depression and put on Valium for years, she lived life like a robot until a naturopath discovered her depressed symptoms were actually due to an inactive thyroid. This set me on the path to empowering women to understand their own mind and body. To educate and encourage a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Offering this information viaGHE is more than just sharing factsit’s part of my mission.  I am delighted that GHE offers this service free of charge to support people who are suffering, this results in a win: win for everyone – the individual, the family and the state.’

A full range of information on holistic health is now available for free download from Global Healing Exchange’s free Forums, Healing Portal, Learning Centre and Holistic Living Magazine.

Global Healing Exchange is an exciting opportunity for holistic health experts to share their knowledge freely and help create a healthier world for all.


For more information and media interviews contact:

Sharon White, Founder of Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine