Burn Baby Burn… My Top 5 Fat Burning Exercises

Burn Baby Burn... My Top 5 Fat Burning Exercises

As a trainer, I am always asked what exercises are the best for fat burning. What do people mean when they say Fat Burning? Basically all exercises Burn Fat or Calories, however there are different ones that help fat loss happen FASTER. We all want fast Fat Loss, don’t we? Hell Yes!

There is nothing worse that slogging your guts out for no results. All my clients find that within 4 weeks or less they have achieved their first signs of Fat loss. It might be a couple of kilos lost or that centimetres have vanished into thin air.

So here it is folks….

My Top 5 Fast Fat Melting Exercises

1. Resistance Training:

Lifting weights or even just using your body weight as resistance is the best way to burn fat and lose weight. It is so effective because whilst you are performing the exercises you are burning fat. Then when you stop you are still burning fat for up to 72 hours after.

What? Yep you read right, not only whilst doing the actual activity but even when your sitting at your desk, you will be enjoying the benefits of resistance training.

Try big movements like squats and lunges, pull ups and push ups.They utilise more muscle groups therefore giving you greater calorie output.

Here is a great workout to target all the major muscle groups. Calories used in 60 min of resistance: 400- 600 cals depending on your body weight

2. Running:

Lace up your shoes and get out there. Running has many benefits. Here’s a few: Increases bone density, it’s free, burns loads of energy (calories), decreases stress levels, tones your legs and core- not to mention your butt!

Try incorporating more running into your current routine. For every 3 minutes of walking try 1 minute of jogging or running.

When you get better just reduce the walking time. You’ll be striding it out in no time. Calories used in 60min of running: A whopping 600-1000 cals, depending on your body weight

3. Boxing:

What a great way to burn lots of calories, get fit (increases cardio fitness) and have an amazing looking upper body. You work on all these elements when you box.

Try a boxing class, box with a trainer or a partner. When you punch against pads this is a form of resistance training.

It is important to have some technique lessons first and always wear good quality protective gear (wraps and gloves). You’ll also improve your hand eye co-ordination. Move over Rocky! Calories Burned: 800-1000 cals per 60 mins of Boxing, depending on body weight

4. Skipping:

What a great way to burn fat on holiday or if you have a small amount of space. You will also increase your fitness levels by adding skipping to your fitness routine. Start off with 1 min skipping with 30 secs of rest then increase as your fitness gets better.

You will improve quickly, just stick at it. It’s also great for co-ordination. Calories Burned: 600 cals per 60 mins of skipping, depending on body weight

5. Group Sports Like Touch Football & Basketball:

A great way to exercise, because you tend to forget you are actually doing it! Improves coordination, balance, strength and cardio fitness.

The social aspect alone is a great benefit. Try to find a group of people who will push you to your limits and will encourage you. Calories Burned: 500-700 cals per 60 mins of Touch Football, depending on body weight

Try to incorporate all of my Top 5 Fat Burning exercises into your fitness regime to get maximum results. Mix it up! Online Personalised Fitness Programs (To do at home, in the park or at the gym) are available at the website below.

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Natalie Carter

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