How To Change Your Life Through Meditation – You’ve Already Got What You Need To Do It!

Change Your Life though meditation

Do you want to know how to change your life? It’s really very simple. Call it the place of pure potential, call it God, spaciousness, ‘the Field’ or whatever you want, but it’s that silent place which you ‘blip’ in and out of when you meditate.

Meditation is a confusing topic for many people because we often think it’s the same as ongoing, total silence in the mind.

Well, that’s a great idea, but in reality, total mental silence is a rare gift. But no worries! You don’t have to have total silence to benefit hugely from meditation. All you need to do is sit – every day. Even 10 minutes will do for starters.

Here’s What it’s Like …

For Most Of Us, Meditation Looks Something Like This:

Another thought
Blip of silence
More Thought
Real it in for a moment and …
Ahhh! a blip of silence
Here we go again – thought …

When you understand this pattern, you can let go of the need to ‘make it work’. Because here’s the thing: as long as you’re trying to ‘make it work’ those blips of silence – that ‘field of God’ remains elusive.

And here’s the other thing: when you just allow this pattern, and do it regularly, those little ‘blips’ get longer and longer. And then? Spaciousness starts to emerge.
Then What?

It won’t take too long before your meditation starts to pay off.

You think nothing is happening and you go about your day when suddenly, outta ‘nowhere’ you get an idea or insight that helps you solve a problem you’ve been having. “Where did that come from?” you think. Where? From the blip!

When you give yourself the space to be spacious in your mind, you literally tap the Source for the guidance and answers you seek – in any area of your life.

So if you really want to know how to change your life then know this: you’ve got what you need right inside yourself. Try it for awhile – you’ll see 🙂

Meditation has truly changed my life. That change has been gentle – subtle but profound. It wasn’t a 180 degree turn around, it was a soft and consistent ‘shift’ in my inner world.

But from it, came events and circumstances, opportunities and serendipities that took me from wanting, to where I want to be.

Has meditation changed your life?

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Dawn DelVecchio

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