Expanding Awareness

Expanding Awareness

The unknown exists. Those who explore the unknown are not bound by the known. Science in all its glory realizes that a century from now all our great knowledge of the present will be considered archaic and primitive.

Physicists have found the rabbit hole to be unending; no final answer and unlimited knowledge waiting to be discovered. Infinity implies the impossibility of a beginning or end.

For example, if our universe stopped somewhere at a brick wall, there would have to be something beyond the brick wall; there could be no other way.

If you were to stand on the sun, it would be to bright to see the earth. Our universe is too bright to see other universes.

Space and time are inseparable; Einstein showed this with his concept of spacetime. For time or space to exist, you must have objects, or ‘matter’.

Time is the continuity of change regarding objects in relationship with each other. Space can only be seen as such, when things exist for it to be found between.

Spacetime is an illusion, but the illusion exists. Lets say the present moment is a nanosecond.

In mathematics, any segment can be divided an infinite amount of times. So, the present moment(nanosecond) can be reduced infinitely. The ‘point’ of infinity is where existence and nonexistence occur simultaneously.

The present moment, reduced infinitely, has to be a place outside of time all together-for time reaches nonexistence and yet exists in an illusory sense.

Of course, the boundaries between past, present, and future would be impossible to determine, as they would be unable to exist.

A star collapsed into a black hole and came out as the big bang becoming our known universe. ‘Big bangs’ producing new universes occur somewhere else, when stars collapse in our universe.

Size is relative in relation to nothing. Infinity itself, is proof that everything exists already. Anything you ever will create, already exists in the future. An idea is nothing more than conceptually stepping outside of time, while tuning into time at another point.

In other words, a creative idea happens when your mind tunes into its future existence. The concept of infinity implies that everything already exists; therefore, being creative is being a channel, rather than an originator.

Creative people (including myself) explore the unknown, grab a hold of something and bring it to the known.

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