Your Life Plan

Life Plan

You are a timeless soul energy who has (and will continue to) live many lives. You do this specifically for the purpose of soul growth through life experience.

Before incarnating into each lifetime you selected a preferred blueprint or ‘life plan’ you would like to adhere to while you are here.

This life plan has specific goals and a life purpose you would like to achieve, the details of which are found in your Numerology 6 core numbers.

Although you have chosen a ‘preferred’ life plan for this life, from the moment you are born you have ‘free will’ to think and do as you please.

Having ‘free will’ means you may no longer wish to adhere to your pre chosen life plan, once the heartache and complication of everyday life in a physical body sets in.

Souls are very ambitious in the spirit world during the process of preselecting their next life.

They know they are going to be challenged and to ensure that they stay on their path, they select a partner in crime – a co pilot or silent partner, otherwise known as a ‘Spirit Guide’.

Your Spirit Guide’s job is to help you stay on track, achieve your life purpose and adhere to your life plan. They are constantly working behind the scenes but cannot interfere in your free will.

You make your own decisions at the end of the day and they can only offer you intuitive guidance that you may or may not decide to take.

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Michelle Buchanan – Numerologist & Law Of Attraction Practitioner, TVNZ “Good Morning” & “Woman’s Day” Numerologist

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