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Change Your Purpose

Change Your Purpose Not Yourself

If you sincerely want to change your life: raise your standards. Tony Robbins said, "What changes people is when their "SHOULDS" become their "MUSTS"....
End A Toxic Relationship

How To Recognize & End A Toxic Relationship

Nobody likes feeling unappreciated in a relationship with someone he or she cares for. Even fewer people like not being in a relationship. This...
Can Your Beliefs Really Change

Your Life Story. Can Your Beliefs Really Change?

All of us have a story that we tell ourselves and others about why our lives have turned out the way they have. With...
Bad Habits

A Change Is Coming…

Over my 15 year career as a coach, TV personality, presenter, producer and now host of my own podcast show I have been called many...
no energy

When You Feel Like You Have No Energy, What Can You Do To Get...

What can you change in your life when you have no energy? Over the past few weeks, I have been really real with you...

Health & Wellness Tips. Being Real – Feel Your Emotions

How do you feel your emotions? I've just had an amazing interview with Sara Allard, our Feng Shui expert. We had planned to talk about a...

Controlled Vs Empowered. Why I Got Kicked Out Of School.

This is a true story about the impact of being empowered versus division and shutting people down. It happened to me 2 weeks ago....

Change Your Vibrations. Change Your Health

Good vibrations! I had the BEST interview yesterday with Karen Chaston. Healing CAN be fun and simple. Give it a go. Check out this three...

What Drives Your Reaction To Different Situations?

I had forgotten how many squirrels are in the Midwest. Every time I walk into the backyard where I am staying, at least one...
The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Spirituality and science can be utterly compatible, bringing insight to each other. This is not only possible, it's occurring more and more as time...

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