Meditation On Setting Positive Thoughts

Setting Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking is necessary if you want a positive life. Your thinking affects everything you do. It affects everything you attract to you. You can affect every area of your life with your thoughts. You can change your thinking, and setting positive thoughts takes practise.

Many people have spent years with negative thinking and wonder why negative experiences and people are attracted to them, but many don’t realise they can change this in any, or all areas of their life.

Our minds are very versatile and elastic. We can grow new neural pathways and this takes effort. It is easier to change your thinking when you are in the right energy.

Meditation helps you to reach a state of consciousness to help you get in the right energy for setting positive thoughts.

I am a hypnotherapist and NLP trainer so the energy you are in is very important when changing your thinking or doing any inner journey work.

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You must use positive thinking if you want a positive outcome. Did you know that every thought you have creates the life you live? Everything you have thought in the past has shaped your life until right now.

If you don’t like your life right now, you can change your thoughts to create a new reality. How cool is that?

Now if you want to change your reality, changing your thoughts is a great place to start.

Your thoughts are a form of energy.  Energy is a form of light on a vibrational level.  Your intentions shape the light frequency and place it into a vibrational movement.  When your vibrations match that of your thoughts, the things you want start moving towards you.

Let me show you how, and let’s set our positive thinking together. You can find more information on positive thinking here.

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