How To Stay Healthy & Motivated During The Cold Weather

Stay Healthy & Motivated

It can be easy to start to let your fitness goals slip as the cold months approach. You may have worked hard to get in shape for summer, but when the temperatures drop, you may find it’s a lot easier to snuggle up on the couch with some hot chocolate than it is to stay healthy & motivated and go outside for a run.

It doesn’t help that there is less sunshine in the winter which can cause and increase in depression.

One of the best ways to help this is to actually continue to stay motivated and healthy throughout the season though. Here are some tips to help you stay at the top of your game for the next few months.

Cook Healthy

Comfort food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. With so many people looking to get in shape these days, there are lightened up versions of just about every classic meal you can imagine. Use your slow cooker and make hearty, healthy soups full of winter vegetables.

Reduce your carbohydrates by skipping the bread bowl and have a few whole wheat crackers instead. Substitute white rice with cauliflower rice. Cooking at home can drastically reduce the amount of calories you eat.

Do all of your grocery shopping at the beginning of the week and meal prep when you can so that you aren’t tempted to go pick up your favorite cheat meal instead.

Join A Gym

If you’re someone that likes to workout outside, you might want to snag a gym membership during those winter months instead to help keep you motivated.

Not only will you have a warm place to workout, but you’ll also have paid for it and won’t want to waste money. This can help keep your fall fitness on point and prevents you from adding on the dreaded winter weight.

Buy The Right Clothes

If you do still plan to workout outside, you’ll need the right gear. Buy the proper attire for the climate in your area. If you invest in good athletic wear, you’re more likely to actually go get some exercise and wear your new clothes.

Find A Friend

Having a workout buddy is one of the best ways to stay motivated. They can help push you to get your exercise done even on the days you don’t want to. You can also check in with each other throughout the week and talk about how your diet is going.

It’s especially helpful if you have someone else in your household going through this journey with you.

Set Goals

Set goals and stick to them. Be realistic though. You most likely won’t lose 20 pounds over the holidays, but you could plan to try to maintain your current weight. Get a calendar and set small goals for yourself throughout the cold months.

Have a reward system in place for when you reach your goals. It’s best to not make these food related. If you meet a goal, buy a new top or go get your nails done. Choose things that make you happy and will help you stick to your diet and exercise plan.

Try Something New

Mix up your routine. If you’ve joined a gym, try different workout classes. Take a healthy cooking class. It’s easy to get in a rut when it’s cold outside, but changing things up can help you avoid that.

Step outside your comfort zone as much as you can, and you may find that you have the most exciting winter yet.

Tell The World

Post your goals on social media. Tell your friends and family members what you are working towards. If you keep it a secret, you are more likely to give up.

Letting everyone know is extra motivation because you don’t want to let everyone know if you don’t succeed. Keep people updated on your journey along the way.

The cold can last for a while, so have a plan in place and take it day by day. Some days will be easier than others, and you’ll likely have days where you slip up and have a cheat meal or two. That’s ok.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, and if that does happen, just start again the next day. The important thing is to be healthy and happy, so do what is right for you.

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