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FREE Meditation On Balancing Your Shadow

FREE Meditation On Balancing Your Shadow

Meditation On Balancing Your Shadow Let's talk about the shadow self. In psychology...
Setting Positive Thoughts

FREE Meditation On Setting Positive Thoughts

Meditation On Setting Positive Thoughts Positive thinking is necessary if you want a...
meditation on setting intentions

FREE Meditation On Setting Intentions

Meditation On Setting Your Intentions Meditation helps you to reach a state of...
meditation on relaxation

FREE Meditation On Relaxation

Meditation On Relaxation When you are in a state of relaxation, your body...
Left Vs Right Brain

Left Vs Right Brain. Who’s Old & Who’s Not?

Whimsy follows us as we age, and we got a good memory, but it is short.  For most of us growing old doesn’t really...

Self-Care Starts With Intuition

Self-care is important in ensuring that we live the healthiest life possible, and self-care starts with intuition. Intuition is an instinctive response that comes without...
medical intuition

Medical Intuition. What Can Your Body Tell You?

Imagine if the body could talk to you – what would it say?  In addition, what if illness or aches and pain was really...

The Power Of Visualisation & How It Changed My Life

I didn’t learn visualisation from anyone. It just happened. When I was 25 I was told I had a gift and that if I wanted...

Returning To Consciousness

I am listening to a podcast right now. My friend lost her partner 3 weeks ago. She called him her soul man. She has...
Conscious Intention

Conscious Intention Explained

What is your intended reality?  Intentions affect every aspect of your life.  If you desire to change your reality, it will always begin to...


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