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FREE Meditation On Balancing Your Shadow

Meditation On Balancing Your Shadow

Let's talk about the shadow self. In psychology they talk about parts of yourself that you don't want to admit having. Parts that you...
Setting Positive Thoughts

Meditation On Setting Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking is necessary if you want a positive life. Your thinking affects everything you do. It affects everything you attract to you. You...
meditation on setting intentions

Meditation On Setting Intentions

Meditation helps you to reach a state of consciousness to help you get in the right energy for intention setting. The law of attraction...
meditation on relaxation

Meditation On Relaxation

When you are in a state of relaxation, your body heals. One way you can get into a state of healing is by...
Left Vs Right Brain

Left Vs Right Brain. Who’s Old & Who’s Not?

Whimsy follows us as we age, and we got a good memory, but it is short.  For most of us growing old doesn’t really...