Meditation On Setting Intentions

meditation on setting intentions

Meditation helps you to reach a state of consciousness to help you get in the right energy for intention setting. The law of attraction works when you get into alignment with the energy. When you are in alignment with of all of your intentions, magic begins to happen.

Many of us set our intentions and are not in the right energy to actually help them come to fruition.

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I am a hypnotherapist and NLP trainer so the language we use is very important when setting intention or doing any inner journey work.

You must use positive language if you want a positive outcome. You also need to be in the right energy and you need to trust the universe will provide for you.

You need to clear any negative thoughts that are sabotaging you. You need to let go of your expectations and let the universe bring your intention to you.

Also you can’t expect a timeframe. Everything happens at the perfect time. You must know that you can’t rush it.

Did you know that every decision that you make is a conscious intention? This forms your attitude about reality. You are making decisions or conscious intentions every moment of every day. You create your own reality by your conscious intentions.

Now if you want to change your reality making conscious decisions, or setting intentions is a great way to do it.

Your intentions are a form of energy.  Energy is a form of light on a vibrational level.  Your intentions shape the light frequency and place it into a vibrational movement.  When your vibrational match that of your intentions, they start moving towards you.

Let me show you how, and let’s set our intention together. You can find more information on setting intentions here.

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