Setting Intentions For The New Year

setting intentions

Well it is January and I’m sure you spent some time setting intentions and goals. What are your goals?

When setting intentions there are some key things you need to do. You can’t just spend one hour setting intentions and then forget about them.

The law of attraction does not work that way. You need to come into alignment with all of your intentions for the year ahead. Many of us set intentions but you have to be aligned for them to come to fruition.

You can’t just sit in a room for an hour and expect to get money flowing to you, get a new car, new partner, more love etc. There are actions you need to take too.

Here Are 5 Steps You Can Take When Setting Intentions

1. Step Into The Space Of Silence

Our lives are so busy and not many of us give ourselves the time to really set our intentions or even give ourselves enough space to have quiet time. Meditation is a great way for us to do this.

This is the place where our body takes time to heal and you get into the perfect space for setting intentions. Sit in a quiet place away from distractions, turn off your phone and computer and give yourself a gift of quiet time.

2. Release Your Intentions

After meditation is the perfect time to do this. Your mind is in that quiet place and you are in an energy that is able to release the intention without attachment. What I mean by this is… Once you have released your intention, let it go.

Know and trust the universe does provide. If you keep asking the universe for the same thing you are coming from a place of lack and desperation as you are not trusting that the universe will do its job.

Once you have released your intention, stop thinking about it. Do this after your meditation daily and then let it go.

3. Keep In The Place Of Knowing

Keep centred and know that your intention is coming to you. Stop listening to what others think and stop listening to their negativity. Know without a doubt that your intention is coming true for you.

Feel the intention in your body, feel what it will feel like when your intention manifests. Keep positive.

4. Detach From How The Intention Will Come True

After you have set your intention, let go. If you keep focusing on getting the outcome you are coming from a place of lack (or sending the lack energy out into the universe).

Sometimes the universe knows better than us and maybe the intention will come through but in a different way than what we thought. When we let the universe do its thing magic happens.

5. Let The Universe Do What It Does Best

Realise that you don’t have to control everything. Have you ever experienced a time when you went with the flow in life, things seem to happen easier for you? This can happen when we let go of the HOW. Just set your intentions and let it go.

Of course we have to take actions too. We need to do tangible things in life to get outcomes and meditation and setting intentions are the first steps we need to do to make our intentions and goals our reality.

I hope you enjoy, get clear and receive your goals in 2022.

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