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The Laws Of Attraction And Manifestation

The laws of attraction and manifestation. Why did I pick this to be a topic for a magazine, especially when we usually write on health and wellbeing topics?

Let’s start by looking at the definition of the laws of attraction and manifestation. It is also often known as the Laws of Attraction.

The law of attraction is a universal law that operates at all levels, for all people, at all times.

The Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life.

Many people think that just wishing for something is the laws of attraction or law of manifestation at play, but simply thinking about something does not make it happen. Thinking is only one step in the process!

The laws of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. You have heard the saying, like attract like. Everything in the universe is attracted to things similar (or opposite) to itself.

You see it in relationships all of the time. People sometimes attract a relationship that is healthy for them and some people attract a relationship that is unhealthy for them. The similarity here is the word attraction.

The person ‘attracts’ something to themselves. The person who attracts a healthy relationship will have different thinking processes, beliefs, habits, actions, vibration to the person who attracts the unhealthy relationship.

Once we understand the strategy or the steps to take, we can learn a new pattern of behaviour and attraction, so we can put our new learnings into play in our own life and started attracting a life we want, rather than a life we don’t want.

When you understand the principles of this law you can practise it and use it in all areas of your life, especially your health and well being.

As you know through reading our previous magazines, healing is a process and it needs to be looked at holistically. Manifesting good health is an art and process that you will learn by reading this magazine.

You may ask, does the laws of attraction really work? Maybe you watched the law of attraction the movie. Maybe you have read books about the law of attraction. Have you read the book the secret? Have you heard about law of attraction science and want to learn more? Maybe you want to know about meditation for money attraction?

In this magazine our experts will give you many helpful tips to help you use the Law of Attraction and Manifestation to start making changes in your own life.

See this magazine as a law of attraction how to guide. Once you learn the how to steps, you can then start implementing the changes needed to live the healthy life you deserve.

The Law Of Attraction Quotes:

“The mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it, good and bad.” – Idowu Koyenikan

“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.” – Stephen Richards

“Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.” – Janice Trachtman

Founder of Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine

Please use the information you learn in these magazine as a guide.
This content is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.
Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional before beginning or making health changes.
You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this magazine.


Magic Of Manifestation

Wikipedia says that the Law of Attraction has no scientific basis and has been dubbed a pseudoscience. Which is nice and a different start from my usual articles.

Now let me pose a couple of scenarios that I’m sure you will be familiar with and we can revisit that quite sweeping statement.

Scenario number one; you have a work colleague, let’s call him Mr. Grumpy, who nothing seems to go right for him. Every decision he seems to be involved in just goes slightly awry.

Every project is just on the wrong side of terrible. He starts to look for a new job and gets quickly disheartened as he comes close each time, but never quite gets the gig.

Thing is, you can see this in him, when you are in a room with him, its like a Dementor has descended and is sucking happiness away from you. Sound familiar?

Scenario number two; you have another work colleague, let’s call her Miss Lucky. Well you know how she is; somehow every project comes off, every decision is vindicated, every action is just right.

She doesn’t get rejected from jobs, and everything comes up smelling of roses, what seems like every time. Also sound familiar?

We all know colleagues, friends and family like this. Individuals who could have money nailed to their forehead and still be broke, and others who make money appear as if by magic.

Those who get all the breaks, and those who are broken by every event. So back to that Wikipedia statement; it is right.

There is no scientific basis for the Law of Attraction. It could be dubbed a pseudoscience.

Doesn’t matter. What does matter is you understand and see everyday in yourself and everyone around you scenario one and scenario two.

You know instinctively a Mr Grumpy when you come into contact with them. You also know a Miss Lucky.

The better question is how do you make sure you are a Miss, or Mr, Lucky? Do you really need law of attraction physics? Do you need to know the law of attraction meaning? Do you need to read the law of attraction book? Or from my example can you now see how the law of attraction plays out?

Luckily for you this edition of HLM is all about making sure you are in the right place to manifest what you want when you need it.

Happy manifesting.


Please use the information you learn in these magazine as a guide.
This content is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.
Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional before beginning or making health changes.
You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this magazine.


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the laws of attraction

Steps To Manifesting The Life You Want 

You would have read that you can manifest the life you want. You would have also read that is not simple or something that can happen overnight.

To make changes you need to change your beliefs, habits and behaviours. You need to stop thinking about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you do want.

You need to start changing your environment. Just think about it this way. The environment you live in has manifested the life you have right now.

Is this the life you want or dreamed of? If it is, you don’t need to read the rest of this article because you have mastered the law of attraction. If however you are still looking to attract something different, read on…..

Start looking around at people who have what you want. What do they think, how do they behave, and who do they surround themselves with? What is their energy like?

Do your research on the person if they have a social media following or if they are already in your life and they are a friend, ask if you can take them out for a coffee, so you can pick their brain.

ASK MANY QUESTIONS and make notes, find out how they think, how they act and what they believe about themselves and the world around them because that person has attracted the thing you want so they know the strategy.

Get a real picture of how they manifested the thing you want. They have the energy or vibration that attracts the thing you want, they may not even realise it, but this is how the law of attraction works.

It is the same as if you were looking for a business coach or mentor. Would you pick someone who walks their talk and emanates success or would you pick someone who is struggling?

Out of those two examples, which one do you think has mastered the law of attraction? Who do you want to emanate?

As I said before this is not easy. It takes effort. You can’t sit in a room and meditate on something and expect the thing to come to you. It takes action. You need to think about what you want.

Get into the energy of what you want and then take action to attract what you want. (Meditation and law of attraction work perfectly together with taking action).

There are many law of attraction meditation techniques for you to try. Find one that works for you.

Think – Change Energy – Take Action = MANIFESTING

How To Manifest

So what is it you want?

· Get clear on what you want. Think in the positive. Write a list. The more specific the better. Write pages to gain clarity, put up post it notes everywhere, get your brain and subconscious thinking in the positive about what you want (rather than what you don’t want).

Think about it very clearly. Set your intention. Say it outloud. Make a vision board. There are so many things you can do embed what you want into your world.

· Then notice your negative beliefs. What is the little voice saying in your head when you tell it what you do want? Is it like your own little cheer squad, all positive and saying, yes you deserve this life, you are great, you are amazing!

Or is it saying something entirely different? Is it saying things like, you can’t do that, you are not good enough, you are not worthy, or something similar?

· Clear negative beliefs. There are many ways and therapies that can help you with this. I use NLP and hypnotherapy with my clients. I love working with the subconscious mind at creating change.

It is fast and effective when you can really pinpoint the root cause. Once you get rid of these nagging voices in your head and become congruent, you are much closer to attracting the thing you want.

· Once you are congruent you are in the energy of attracting the thing you do want. Develop a healthy relationship with the thing you want. You are now a simple magnet for change.

Everything in your energy field is now shiny and attracting the thing you want. Opportunities will come to you and you can choose to see if they will be a fit for you.

You may decide that the first opportunity is not the best for you right now, so acknowledge that and wait for the next thing to come along.

When in this state, the universe will test you to see if you are coming from a place of desperation and willing to take anything, because anything is better than nothing, right? (Or is it?)

Choose the best thing for your highest good and make sure the thing offered to you is the right fit for you. You have not done all of the previous work to attract another thing you don’t want, because you still have some lack energy around you.

· If you find you have lack energy around you, keep clearing. Life is a journey and we all are moving through it. Things change, the things we want and value change.

Think about the things you want right now. Do they still fit what you want to attract or are they ‘old things or beliefs’ you once had that no longer serve you.

If that is the case, keep clearing and say thanks to the universe for bringing you this opportunity and further clarify what else you want.

· Keep doing this until you have the thing you want.

Once you have the strategy, you can implement this into all areas of your life, health and wellbeing, relationships, work, finances… the list goes on… you are a work in progress and manifesting your best life is no different.

Enjoy the process and stay in the energy. Remember the lack energy or need energy will not serve you and it will keep you where you are right now, so the positive energy around you is crucial to get you becoming a manifestation magnet.

So in summary the easiest way for me to explain this is – Change your energy – Change your life.

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the laws of attraction

Manifesting And The Laws Of Attraction 

What a great title for an article! This is one of my favourite topics.

Manifesting has become quite a buzz word in the New Age arena and there are lots of people offering their interpretations of it through workshops and manifestation mentoring.

Apart from a good game of Golf – Manifesting is one of the most challenging, and yet rewarding (when I get it right) things that I like to get my mind engaged in.

It brings about a feeling in me of something that does not have a word in the English language – it brings about a blend of both pleasure and pain at the same time; with the pain of perhaps not getting it right and the pleasure of sometimes getting it right!

So, What Is Manifesting?

According to the dictionary, Manifesting is: to show something clearly, through signs or actions.

For me, the clear word here to focus on is the word ACTION. In many areas of manifestation work this word and principle is often missing.

There is, in some people’s way of working, a belief that no action is required.

This is where I would say, it definitely is needed. For me, action is one of the keys to clear manifestation. The action part is where we go out to create and meet whatever it is that we are trying to manifest.

An example of this could be: I want to manifest a car.

One way to receive the car is to sit and wait for it to arrive (most probably not). This could happen, but it is quite unlikely. It could arrive through a raffle win, yes, but that would have been from some ACTION, by you actually buying the raffle ticket!

Another way would be to name the car, cut out a picture of the car you want, go and sit in one in the show room, and even test drive the car that you want.

Visualize being in it and owning it – do this every day. What colour, what make, etc. Get clear on it. The more clarity there is, the more clarity ‘The Universe’ has to get the delivery correct!

I would like to share a true manifestation story (this has been copied from my Where Am ‘I’ Right Now? Physically – Mindfully – Spiritually book).

I was attending an evening manifestation workshop facilitated by my wife, Arleen, where we had to visualize and write down a few things that we wanted to manifest.

For fun, Arleen suggested that we write down something humorous or something we would not usually write down.

Arleen wrote down that she would like to receive a set of hot pink French lacy underwear and I wrote down that I wanted to manifest a diamond.

After the workshop I walked to my parked car and as I was about to open the door, I noticed something on the road by my feet.

I picked it up and was amazed to see in my hand a set of diamonds. Although they shone brightly, they were sadly fake diamonds.

It was a set of about twelve tiny fake diamonds set in a silver metal casing that had a magnetic backing.

I stuck it to the front of my car and left it there even after selling it a year or so later. It was fun and a big lesson on being clearer about my wishes!

Arleen’s wish of receiving a set of hot pink French lacy underwear actualized when we were on a visit to England a few weeks after the workshop.

We arrived at my mother’s place and she almost immediately produced a brown paper bag and handed it to Arleen.

Inside was a set of hot pink French lacy underwear!

We took action by writing down what we wanted. The lesson for me, obviously, was to get clear on it being a real diamond!

Another way that I really like to work with Manifestation is with Vision Boards. Many people use Vision Boards and generally people find pictures and/or write single words or statements to express what it is that they wish to manifest.

In the Vision Boarding that I do for myself, and what I teach others to do, is to place the pictures and the words in specific places on the board (it is generally on a sheet of cardboard).

I then spend time focusing each day on one specific area, as well as the whole board. I bring one item, or one section into focus and visualise it. I find that this heightens my connection to the process.

I also check energetically each picture or word using a Pendulum to see what energy or vibration it is measuring at alongside my own Desire for the item.

This is an important factor that many people miss out on doing and then wonder why the manifestation is not working.

It is nearly always about how strong our Desire is to receive it.

Our old stories and our inner saboteurs are really what stop the process from coming into actualization. This is the area that always needs our full attention.

When this is included in the manifestation process more things come to us. Be sure to include it!

The ‘intention’ the ‘desire’ and the ‘asking’ are three main components that help to bring the things that we want into our lives. Setting the intention and then doing the ‘action’ steps are key.

One of the things that I recommend with Vision Boarding is to place a photograph of yourself right in the middle of the board. Everything is then centred around you.

Other ways to work with the vision boarding is to link words or pictures energetically – once again I use a Pendulum.

Working out where energy is flowing or where it is blocked from the whole, bigger picture is important.

It might be that one word or picture is blocking the flow to another next to it or even across the board on the other side.

All this is the more advanced work that can be done with manifesting using a vision board. Give it a go and see what happens.

I have had some great successes with several things that I have placed on my vision boards.

My daughter and wife were traveling in Europe recently and they visited Prague for a few days.

Soon after their return, my daughter, who is 18, was looking at her vision board and suddenly exclaimed “There is a picture on my vision board of the bridge we walked over in Prague.”

It is in these moments, that one realises the power of manifestation.

I hope that you receive what you desire …

Good luck with it all!

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the laws of attraction

Is Mindfulness A New Approach For Manifesting? 

I wish…if only…I can…I want…

To manifest means to bring into being, to have something come to you in your life. The word conjures up a picture in the mind of witches in peaked black hats, by the side of a cauldron sitting atop of burning logs.

As they mumble words over and over, casting what was considered spell work by using the power of magic.

To this day anyone found to be casting spells or working with magic is still feared and thought of as a “Witch’ working with the dark powers, bringing bad health and life pain to another.

Today, there are many people teaching mindfulness to bring people into a space of calm and clarity. One of the most common practices in mindfulness is setting intentions, another is journaling.

Both these practices are manifesting something or possibly even someone into your life.

You see manifesting is something you do every day without needing anyone to teach you to be a Witch or to practice magic, it is a natural way of being.

Words and thoughts are the most powerful energy you have for anything in your life, be it in the positive or negative.

If science and research are your thing, then you will find many studies done by scientists around energy and how energy affects the human body even down to the cells of the body.

There is also documented research on the vibration of the words you speak as they leave your mouth.

Scientists have been able to show the energy waves of the words being spoken and what is more interesting is how the waves of energy change depending on the way the words are spoken, meaning the intent and feeling with which the words are expressed.

How we use manifestation in our everyday life affects us in every level of our being, by that I mean that we can manifest great things, new people, new job, dream partner, even pain and illness with the thoughts and words we use every day.

An example of that is a client I was working with recently, repeatedly she would say “my mother is making me sick, she makes me so angry, I feel sick to my stomach” This client had bowel, stomach and joint problems that were getting worse every week.

Another person may repeatedly say “I don’t have any friends, no one cares for me”. They will experience loneliness and feel that no one sees or hears them.

While someone else will say “I am going to get the best job of my life, it is going to be fantastic, I will travel to many fabulous countries, meet great people and learn new things all the time, I can’t wait to start”.

Next time you see that person they will share all their recent travel stories, be looking fantastic and they will have a radiance, a glow about them and you will wonder why!

You see, no matter what the schools teach us they will never be able to grasp how the spirit of a person works and how much the experiences in school and in our homes can change the way we connect to our innate spirit.

In the beginning of this article I mentioned the practicing of mindfulness being a new approach to teaching how to feel calm and have more clarity.

The fact is this is not new it is more that people have become so very disconnected to their true self and so very entrenched in the material, tangible world that they can only see what they can see.

This means that everything they experience they find it easy to attribute blame to all that outside of themselves.

Setting intentions is no more than that of the Witch, she would use the power of words to either heal or harm another. She would also use the power of her words to affect the rain and the storms… could this really be true?

Could the thoughts of a person affect the weather, well the indigenous people of the world have for centuries used rain dance and feast ceremonies to bring water and food.

Have you heard of the Eskimo people in Alaska? Once they were reliant on the animals for food and warmth, they use the animal’s flesh for their food source and fur to keep them warm.

White man came to their land and showed them TVs and radio, showed them how to sit around and idled gossip with alcohol as the bridge to entertainment.

The Eskimo’s lost their connection with nature and the animals. To this day they struggle with a life of calm and peace as they once had. But now it is more alcohol and drug related health issues and a community that is broken unlike it was in the early days.

How can this be relevant to manifestation, it is all relevant to the way in which we use word and thoughts.

One could say the Witches had it right in so many ways, their reverence toward nature and animals and how it is all a part of people to help, guide and support to nourish the mind and body.

There is a world conscious movement which asks people to sit in silence and send thoughts of peace around the world. This is not magic or anything other than manifesting energy to change the way of the world to being harmony and peace to all.

Setting intentions is either a positive or negative influence in your day, intentions are something you do with every thought in every second.

Have you ever heard yourself say “It’s going to be a lousy day I have got so much stress today” Every single word in that statement and it is a mighty powerful statement will only being frustration, upset and stress to the person who speaks it.

Try it for yourself right now, take a minute to listen to your thoughts, what do you hear?

Go back to how you started the day. Was it in harmony and peaceful or was it in annoyance and tension, perhaps the kids didn’t do what you asked, and everyone was late for school and work?

How did you feel, what did you say or even more importantly what were you thinking?

Setting intentions is more than having a little saying to look at each day, when you set intentions to manifest you are creating the want of your soul, the true purpose of your life.

It is easy to know when you are not in alignment with the truth of your soul. The indications are all that is happening in your physical body and material world.

How can you see that for yourself?

Here Are Some Key Indicators For You To Use As A Daily Check In With Your Physical Body:
· Do you have any pain in your body
· Are there any aches, muscle soreness
· Migraines, thinning of your hair
· Nerve pain
· Teeth problems
· Indigestion
· Extra weight gain especially around your mid-section
· Anxiety
· Sorrow/sadness
· Are you easily angered
· Feeling frustrated

You saw that I mention the material world and how that can be indicative of you not being in alignment with your wants desires and wishes, below is a list that may help you realise this.

Here Are Some Key Indicators That Your Material World Is Not In Alignment With Your Authentic Self:
· Feeling unappreciated at work
· Feeling restless, irritable at work
· Unable to keep your home clean and tidy
· Over tidy, perfection in the home
· No sense of satisfaction in your environment
· Unable to focus on a project or finish a task
· Going from one task to another and feeling that you haven’t accomplished anything
· Wanting more than you have
· Wishing to win a large amount of money
· Money worries, stress
· Work exhausts you

Another way to bring about all that your authentic self truly seeks and knows to be your purpose is to use a journal, now I have worked with people who have been told by counsellors, psychologists and even Doctors to “write in a journal”, well I can tell you that won’t achieve anything, in fact it can lead you to feeling more agitated, frustrated and even angry.

To journal for healing and manifesting your dreams and wishes is more than just writing stuff down, its more than writing your thoughts for the day.

Here Are Some Tips For You To Journal To Get The Results You Want:
· Know what you don’t want
· Write in the present
· Write only about yourself not what someone else said or did
· Use words that are fulfilling rather than words that prompt a quiet fear
· Be truthful to yourself

In the end manifestation is something you do daily, what you manifest is in direct alignment with your deep feelings and thoughts about yourself and your life. If what you want to manifest isn’t happening, then change your thoughts and the way you react to life.

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the laws of attraction

The Laws Of Attraction – Making Things Happen 

People who manifest what they want in life are sometimes referred to as “being able to pull something out of thin air.” This is so far from the truth, manifestation is not magic, it is the result of intention, belief, vision and action.

Manifestation is a creative process which utilises the imagination, the body and the senses.

Manifestation starts with an intention. Begin by giving yourself an intention, this could be something that you really want to do, or discover, or have.

See this intention as an image, feel it, hear it, touch it and even taste it. Once you’ve done this, keep a snapshot of this image in your mind and you will find yourself activated by it to the point that you’ll have passion and purpose to do something about it.

You can manifest pretty amazing things in your life, especially when you learn how to release the things that are blocking you or holding you back.

What Stops Us Manifesting What We Really Want In Life?

· Often disappointment or regret about the way things currently are, holds us back. When we learn to let go of our negative mindset, we free ourselves to imagine big and achieve big.

We do this by being grateful for whatever life has presented to us in this moment, even if you don’t feel grateful. Having a gratitude journal that you write in is great for this. Re-read your entries every day to boost positive hormone release in the brain.

· Sometimes confusion over what we really want causes us to stop reaping goodness. Without realising it you may be sending out mixed messages about what you really want and why you want it.

Sometimes full of gusto and other times unsure. This confusion leads to you being stuck.

· Not being willing to do what it takes prevents manifestation of your dreams. Being proactive is vital.

Wishing and hoping is not enough, you have to put an action plan into place and be willing to keep going even when you feel like giving up.

Learning to use your human senses is critical when it comes to manifesting your dreams. The mind understands what we want through the signals that we send it, and we use our five senses to communicate our desires.

The more detailed the picture of what you want, the more chance you have of achieving it. These details will activate your Reticular Activation System, a part of the brain which seeks to find what we ask for.

For example, if you want a new house, let your mind help make it a reality by seeing an actual picture of this house, maybe from a real estate magazine. Imagine yourself sitting in this house, are you on the sofa or a chair? Is the sofa leather or soft velvet?

What colour is it? Be aware of how you feel (excited, privileged). Where do you notice this feeling in your body? Give this feeling a shape. Who is with you in this picture? What are they saying? What else can you hear?

Kids laughter coming from the upstairs bedroom maybe? Can you smell anything (fresh paint, flowers from the garden)? Do you taste champagne as you celebrate with friends, or are you enjoying your first cup of coffee in your new kitchen?

Imagine running your hands across the beautiful wooden staircase, it feels warm and solid. The more detail you go into the more vivid the picture will be and the stronger your subconscious mind will do all it can to make this dream a reality.

On the other hand, if your intention is only verbal saying ‘house’ it will take your RAS longer to find it and it may not be anything like you intended.

What we put our thought and emotional energy into is what we get back in abundance.

An artist who only works with mud will always have a muddy picture. You however, as an artist in the field of manifesting your dreams, can make a conscious choice to work with symbolic materials like images, sounds and smells.

Focused breathing is another way to utilise the body mind system for manifesting what you want. For example, if you want greater health, inhale deeply expanding your lungs, filling them to full capacity.

See the air as clean, bright, life-giving oxygen. Give this oxygen a colour that for you represents health and healing. Imagine this air feeding your brain and body with all its goodness. As you exhale, push all toxins out.

Imagine the carbon dioxide leaving your system and taking all dark impurities with it. Take another deep breath in and allow your body and mind to bathe in this restorative air. Allow every cell and organ to be restored and replenished by this process.

Continue this focused exercise for ten minutes. Maintain awareness, do not go on automatic pilot.

Personal belief plays a huge part in the process of manifestation. Years ago, I visited Africa as a volunteer. One afternoon, I was invited to join the locals in a rain dance.

I thought this to be ridiculous, they were going to dance until it rained! I decided to just go with it. I loved the music (banging on old tin drums), the high-pitched singing and the shuffling of dusty soil under my feet.

After about 3 hours, I felt exhausted and did not for one minute believe it would rain. To rest, I sat on a rock next to an old man. His belief in the rain dance bringing floods of water was unshakable – how did I know that?

He was carrying an umbrella! Without belief your manifesting will result in disappointment. You will be sending a weak message to the universe (like a poor internet reception) and the result will be less than you’d expected.

Words have power. What do you say to yourself when you want something that is missing in your life? I’ve heard clients repeat,

“I don’t deserve it,”
“I’ll never win,”
“I’m too old/fat/stupid etc…”.

The mind believes what it hears, so no wonder they don’t get what they want in life. Words have incredible power, so use them wisely.

Keep your vocabulary positive and clear. As soon as you become aware of any negative self-talk – stop yourself immediately and change tact.

(You can do this by snapping a rubber band lightly on your wrist. This slight physical pain brings the conscious mind to the forefront and stops the unconscious mind from running an unruly monologue).

All manifestations should be balanced and ecological. By this I mean, not damaging to another person or thing. When you ask yourself the question, “what do I want / need from the world?” Remember to also ask, “what does the world want / need from me?”

Action is vital. Once the mind knows what you want, it needs an action plan to help achieve it. For example, if you want to win the lottery – you have to buy a ticket. Just imagining a win is not enough.

The action required means earning the money to buy the ticket and going to the shop to purchase the ticket, and then making sure you don’t lose the ticket!

Manifestation is likened to prayer. A form of meditation, a repeated ritual or a creative design. Make it whatever works for you.

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Every time you see them, (when you go to the fridge) they will inspire you to live a healthier life.
They are also great for helping children think positively!

The Magnets Will Inspire:

· YOUR MIND – to think healthy thoughts – Positive thoughts create positive me
· YOUR BODY – to love yourself just as you are – I am amazing just as I am
· YOUR SPIRIT – to remember to love – I am love, I am loved
· YOUR LIFE – to remember to enjoy it – My life is filled with you

We believe life is about having FUN and being as positive as possible.

the laws of attraction

The Power Of The Law Of Attraction And Manifesting 

There is such power in the art of manifestation. I say “art” because it is somewhat of an art form. You need to follow certain steps and then also play and feel your way through it, to find out what works for you.

If you follow some simple steps and allow yourself to feel good with the playfulness of this practice and without rushing the process, you will notice that manifestation pattern will start emerging in your life.

From the age of 18 I noticed patterns occurring in my life. Back in 1998 I wanted a car and the car I wanted was $2200.

So, I asked the universe for the money and then was very randomly gifted the money I needed and went out and bought the car! It felt great! I also did this with all the jobs I went for and I always got them.

I started to notice a clear pattern emerging especially when I asked for money or things, although at the time I did not know how they would turn up. I just got on with life and they appeared shortly after.

I started to notice momentum building so I did this practice every time I needed money. I have even made a chart of all the money I have manifested as I began to get very curious.

I realised that with every amount I manifested there was a very clear process that I undertook. I used this process to manifest the money for my house and even used this system with all the cars I have ever owned (including the one I have now).

I am actually due a new car, so will use the steps to manifest a new one!

People don’t realise that they are sitting on a gold mine with the amount of fun, love, happiness, money, houses, friendships and enriching experiences that they have already accumulated within their vortex or vibration.

Manifestation is talked about by so many and practised by not so many and all with varying degrees of success.

The reason this is so varied, is because we all have different belief systems and we always vibrate everything within us before we see it, feel it or enjoy the benefit of it.

We start vibrating things to us before we even ask for them. Every time we like or dislike something and pay attention to it, we send those feelings or desires out into the universe.

We vibrate what we are paying attention to. This is why many people start this process and get a whole mixed bag of experiences.

When building up your manifestation momentum you need to spend time every single day focusing on the things you like. When you focus on things that feel good it can help turn everything around in your world.

The trick is to be very deliberate with your choices. In fact the more specific you can be the less fixing up there is to do later. Whether you call it Law of Attraction, Quantum physics or just luck, it doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is building up momentum and a pattern and a belief system around receiving. This helps you ride the feelgood wave of manifestation.

I am going to give you my 7 clear steps I follow every day to help you on your manifestation journey.

7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams

1. You were born to be a creator – Knowing this for sure will help the whole manifestation gig go so much faster! To be a creator of your own reality you need to understand you were chosen to come here and to ask for stuff, so you can create a more desirable world!

2. Know you are worthy of asking – If you are breathing you are worthy! Once you accept this as being fact, you will start realising you are worthy of all the cool stuff and so much more.

If you don’t feel this way, I suggest you work on this and see a subconscious healer.

3. Ask for what you are wanting – Be as clear on this as you can be, whilst still feeling comfortable about it. Your only limit is what you allow yourself to ask for.

4. Do nothing! The universe took care of saying YES for you. When I say nothing, I mean nothing! Every time we ask for something, the universe always says YES. We just need to practice knowing and believing this for a fact.

5. Spend some time enjoying it before it even comes your way – Spend days or weeks enjoying the sensation of having it and how good it feels. I mean really “feel” it by waking up in the morning smiling because it feels so good to have it.

6. Hand it all over to the universe, angels, God or source – It does not matter what you call it, but hand it over to whoever you believe is looking out for you and trust it’s on its way.

7. Go out and have fun and live life – We manifest things fast when we are having fun, living life and not thinking about it at all.

Playing with your pets, spending time in nature, hanging out with friends and laughter is the fastest way to allow more of what makes you happy into your life, plus it takes your mind of your wish while it’s arriving.

I share my years of manifestation awareness and experience with you so that you are reminded of the power you hold. Hopefully as you have read this you’ve smiled and realised that you too have manifested things into your life.

Go out and enjoy being a creator and a powerful manifestation being – everyone can do it!

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the laws of attraction

Manifesting Your Core Purpose

Did you say you wanted to effortlessly manifest your heart’s Desire?

The old saying “the truth will set you free” is more relevant today than it was 2000 years ago.

If your life’s contribution is not in truth with your soul’s longing or destiny, then your entire life will be a book about the wrong version of yourself. You will struggle.

That’s right, your core purpose must be engaged because it reflects your inner most brilliance. The brighter your light shines, the greater your contribution to humanity.

You then live a more vibrant and passionately filled life from day to day and decade to decade. Plus the legacy you leave behind will be timeless.

Reflections On Purpose . . .

The brilliance I speak of means you’re unique access to creative innovation that only you can provide to humanity. You were born to become a genius. This has nothing to do with your intelligence quotient or IQ.

What Is A Genius?

If you read one book on a topic that you love–and you soak in the information from that book– then you will know more than 80% of the people worldwide on that particular topic.

If you were to read 10 books on that same topic and really take in the material, you’ll know more then 95% of the people on the planet about this topic. You will then become an expert.

Taking it to the next level – if you read more than 50 books on that same topic and attend powerful training from experts in your field of passion and then receive some coaching from an expert in the field, then you will know more than 99% of the people who ever walked this planet on that particular topic. You then qualify as a genius.

More importantly you only love this topic because the roots of your destiny were embedded in your soul by the manufacturer. In other words you were born with and possess unique gifts and talents in exactly what you love to do.

So that is specifically why your passion to soak up this information is relentless and you’re not even thinking of the bounty at this point.

For example, if you are not good with numbers and mathematics, then you are not going to embed deep within you a burning desire to be a financial planner or chartered accountant.

Common sense tells you are meant to do what you are meant to do. You possess greatness in this area of passion.

But why then do so many people get side tracked from their destiny? Why do they live out a certain mediocre fate of unfulfillment?

Fate vs Destiny

Your fate is generated by outside influences. Your destiny is accessed from within yourself. This is the journey from your head to your heart.

You might say it’s the Hero’s journey of a lifetime. It is not for the faint hearted. It is esoteric – meaning for the few.

To a larger degree you are programmed and conditioned by your family of origin, school system, peers, culture and country. What does this mean? What does that have to do with your destiny?

Based on your conditioning you tend to take on limiting beliefs and live in a comfort zone that makes you fearful of both risk-taking and truly going after your dreams.

Whenever you step out of your comfort zone you must experience fear or anxiety. This is normal. This is good. The chaos that emerges within your reality means that you are about to experience growth.

Your early life conditioning teaches you to play it safe. To step back into your comfort zone at all costs. This need to play safe and seek approval is generated from both family, culture, religion and peer groups.

This is what keeps you continuously manifesting your own fate of mediocrity. Misery loves company.

One example we often hear is that well-meaning parents may say “you might not have an exciting life and you might not be filthy rich but at least you have security.

When I grew up we were never sure where our next meal was coming from.

So be humble and thank your lucky stars that you have a secure job and never complain. Remember those people in third world countries who are starving.”

Your journey with fate is generated from your most deeply held beliefs. It is often an overriding feeling that you must accept your status quo and not rock the boat.

You do not want to upset people. You may not even be sure why you feel this way. But it influences every important decision you make. This conditioned pattern will seal your fate.

It means you will exchange complete life fulfillment for living in your comfort zone. Most people settle for survival. How about you?

For most people it means living from the values of past generations. It means you are uncertain about what you value most because you have not explored your destiny in great enough depth.

Why Live Out Your Destiny?

You know your destiny is about doing what you love. It must be aligned with a great service to humanity. I love apple pie and pizza. I love old black and white movies. Especially westerns and gangster flicks.

But those pleasures and pastimes are only a service to me. It’s my personal time to relax.

My destiny and service to humanity is about using my four decades of research in human potential that are directly linked my heartfelt brilliance which was embedded in my soul at birth.

My service to humanity is original, only in I am the only one who can do it specifically my way. This is how I do it. How do you do it? How do you serve humanity?

My way is to help many people find their innermost truth. To truly live the life of fulfillment they were born to live. To assist them in getting out of their own way so they too can serve humanity and fulfill their heart’s desire.

Your Journey To Core Purpose

The concept of your core purpose is not going away. It will always be in the back of your mind. It’s a well of opportunity that requires you to embrace it and trust it fully.

Your unique contribution requires clarity.

There are 5 powerful ways to explore and gain clarity of purpose:

Observe your mind beyond time

Enhance flow of body-energy

Process Negativity
Let go of obsolete values/beliefs

Inner Ground
Access inner brilliance/purpose

Outer Ground
Presence connected inner origins


To be still is so powerful it gives new meaning to your life and everyone whose life touches yours. Like anything else worthwhile in life it requires practice. That’s why they call meditation a practice.

You cannot stop the mind from thinking any more than you can ask a baby not to cry. The solution is to observe the mind. The power of observation can save you from making bad decisions and from repeating old patterns that you are programmed to repeat.

You are not your mind. It is either your master or your servant. You must decide. If blue moods determine your decisions then you will make bad decisions. If hyper excitable moods determine your decisions then you will make bad decisions.

The part of you observing all this has no attachment. It’s the part of your psyche or soul -mind that sees the bigger picture. It knows your destiny and how to avoid sabotage.

This power of observation within complete stillness will slow your thoughts way down. Then your connection to spirit will assist you in generating your actions in the outer world from your divine origins and inner most wisdom.


Your energy of life or chi is connected to source when it moves or flows throughout your body. When it does not move you feel stuck. When it does not move over an extended time you lose energy and the quality of life diminishes.

One example can be burn out and fatigue. Another example is chronic illness which can even be life threatening. A third example would anxiety, stress, emotional numbness or depression.

As time goes on we adjust and these conditions become a habit or way of life that you tolerate. Lack of movement means lack of emotional energy that determines the quality of your life.

In almost every aspect of blocked energy flow you experience procrastination. Indecision and lack of self-awareness are perhaps the greatest dream killers of all.

When the energy of life flows throughout your body you experience aliveness. Your overall vibrational frequency increases and your ability to influence and inspire others in a positive way is enhanced exponentially.

This opening is way beyond important. It is the only way to express complete freedom and excellence of purpose.

Say goodbye to your comfort zone and obtain deep tissue therapy with an expert as often as possible. Acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments help too.

Roller work, bioenergetics exercises, stretching and yoga can be enormously beneficial as long as you remain present while doing the exercises and do not split off into old unconscious patterns.

Process Negativity

Your personal negativity is a force that must be dealt with. If you deny it you will act it out or attract it from others. It does not matter if it comes out in judgements of others, sarcastic comments, gossip or negativity behind the scenes.

Your negativity also has cause and effect. The ego aspect of your personality is a mask that wants to look good. It will blame outside forces to justify your negativity. It does not want to be challenged.

To get to the cause means to be humble. It means asking for help. Before someone gets really angry they have been really hurt. When you are negative towards others ask yourself “who did this to me.”

Bioenergetics releases negativity from the body. The process is called charge and discharge. Core Energetics gets to the root cause of personal darkness and lower-self material and is very freeing when done properly.

Of course your most powerful intention – positive or negative will always prevail. So do the work. Clear your darkness. Explore your shadow. Stop complaining. Get clear on your vision.

Over time your inspired message and life’s mission will emerge. It is truly a never ending process.

Inner Ground

Your inner ground is essentially the quality of your relationship with yourself. How connected are you to your inner most self or soul? Modern scientists and spiritual masters agree this aspect of self is beyond time and space.

It is connected to the cosmos. Many believe it is your energy of life that is timeless and contains the aptitude and talents needed to fulfill your core purpose or destiny in this particular life.

On the physical plane it represents your inner strength or container for living. Your container holds your resilience to perform all the tasks you need to execute even in the face of adversity and challenges.

To sum it up, your inner ground is fluid and strong to the degree that your heart & soul connect to your personal and spiritual truth in this life.

Outer Ground

Your outer ground is your essence or your personal presence. How present are you day in and day out? Are your eyes clear? What does your body language say when you walk into a room even before you say one word?

Are you grounded, present and connected to self? Are you warm caring and a great listener? Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear a word you say.”

What he meant was that people judge your appearance, body language and presence far more and much more quickly than anything you say.

Ask for feedback. Is your social mask or persona authentic or do you give off mixed messages in how you interact with people?

What is great about your outer ground is that it can become enhanced in a multitude of ways. You can take better care of yourself emotionally and physically?

This requires continuous feedback and support; stillness, movement, processing negativity as well the evolution of your inner and outer ground.

This also must include your intention to become the best version of yourself as you connect wholeheartedly to your core purpose. This is your destiny. Are you willing to do the work? If you are then you will most certainly manifest your heart’s desire.

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the laws of attraction

Manifestation Miracle 

The story that we tell ourselves from time to time is quite simply the foundation upon which every facet of our life is created. Think freely about that for a moment if you will. The story that we tell our selves is that which we create.

Inversely, we create our life story. Put a different way, each of us manifest the world in which we find ourselves in any given moment – and our thoughts are the karmic keys that lock and unlock our potential for happiness and love.

In moments of adversity, ‘the meaning of life’ is often that which we ponder or dilemma or question as we try to determine, substantiate or qualify our own actions and the actions of others. We search consciously, or otherwise, for the answers to the things that happen and make no sense.

These are the answers that justify decision, behaviour or outcomes, and yet we may never really stop to ponder the expression of positive or negative thought as a building block of creation.

Many of us, maybe all of us, create illusions and delusions of self-acceptance to find a unique perception of what we believe to be ‘balance’ to somehow reconcile all our questions with the answers we so desperately seek for ourselves and each other. These are the answers that we think make the most sense to us in the moment.

In the moment, we rationalise and contextualise many variables in the hope of convincing ourselves that what we have done or what we are about to do is right for us as individuals or as a family – and we make up any scale of justification to do this.

Our justifications become the seeds of thought upon which the chapters of our own life story are sewn into the fabric of living. What we think creates perception, perceptions form belief, and our beliefs shape our behaviour. Behaviours stimulate language and language is the expression of thought.

I wonder sometimes how many of us are open to the possibility that we can plant new seeds to build or co-create a different story together, regardless of circumstances – a story of difference where the scale upon which we balance all things is simply the scale of love.

I’d like to share with you a story which transcends time and space and everything in between to show love as the co-creative expression at the very heart of life.

Carole and I met each other quite unexpectedly on a day of sunshine and synchronicity in May 1993. At the time, we had no way of knowing that we would spend the next 17 years together, although Carole would reveal to me many years later that she had been guided by a stranger about her life and about me.

We were married in September 1994 and continued a fairy-tale adventure with our two children when one day in August 2009, quite out of the blue, terminal illness rocked-up to change our lives in a moment forever. Carole was a happy-go-lucky girl who loved life and dedicated herself unconditionally to the three of us as we mirrored back to her unending love.

Within an hour of receiving her severe epilepsy and terminal brain cancer diagnosis, she turned to me in a hospital corridor and whispered words that broke her heart and bore my soul as she wept on my shoulder – ‘this could be much worse, Adrian. This could be happening to one of our children.’

At the time, I had no idea from where or how Carole found the honesty of her emotional truth or how she summoned the courage to speak it. It was as if Carole had accepted her short term destiny, acknowledged the situation for what is was to be or not to be and then reconciled in her own mind the justification that the only thing was she prepared to die for was love.

Love was the scale upon which Carole miraculously balanced everything in heart. The fewest of words and yet the only words in any language capable of encapsulating the beauty, power, selflessness and compassion of love herself.

In my book ‘Dreams, Rainbows and Butterflies’ this is the moment ‘Carole’s wings simply unfolded’. Carole amazed me on most days throughout our life together, however on that day she was mesmerising.

Following the day of diagnosis, Carole intuitively began to change her thought processes and very quickly this started to change many things. She found opportunity to turn all the negative challenges into positive outcomes pushing aside her own needs to focus on those of others.

As she did this for us, so we responded in equal measure. Her perceptions of life and love were somehow even clearer and more heightened than ever before, the language she used to be kind to herself transformed her behaviour in moments of seizure and adversity.

Perhaps most importantly, Carole let go of the guilt and fear she felt about her own mortality and forgave herself for having to leave us all so soon.

Focused and determined to live the life she loved for one more day and one more day after that, Carole took charge of her exhausting drug therapy empowering herself, with professional medical guidance, to change the frequency and dosage of drugs – experiencing seizure free periods of up to 80 days.

We called events like these ‘little miracles’ because in our world that’s exactly what they were.

I wrote ‘Dreams, Rainbows and Butterflies’ as a letter of eternal love to both our children from both of us. ‘Dreams’ personifies Carole’s determination to live always in love.

‘Rainbows’ is used through the book as a metaphor for many different things which connect me to the eloquence, simplicity and energy of our thoughts as the karmic building blocks of all that we create together.

The references to ‘Butterflies’ have a very special significance as I see the transformational beauty of butterflies to be the natural world’s reflection of the SOUL – the ‘Source Of Unconditional Love’.

Butterflies see the world through the ultra-violet spectrum of light and so never see the beauty of their own nature. Carole is the butterfly who flies in the emotional sea of my heart and her love is that upon which my world is balanced.

On the day that Carole flew to her ethereal paradise beyond the Moon and stars, we were 30 miles apart and yet we shared a magical moment together. ‘I believe the unexpected and beautiful phenomenon I experienced at the foot of the stairs was of Carole’s orchestration.

She had composed quite brilliantly, the symphony of her love, bringing together a percussion of thunder, the stormiest brass, and a woodwind of change. A lonely piccolo delivered notes of dancing sunshine upon which Carole’s inner-butterfly ascended light of wing, intertwined of heart, and unconditionally of love.

I called this musical phenomenon perfected of Carole’s nature ‘Volo Della Farfalla’ in honour of ‘the flight of the butterfly’.

On our day of whispered tears in the hospital corridor, Carole started a beautifully inspirational journey of inner-transformation to reveal love at the heart of all that is and all that will ever be.

Her whispered words have become new seeds lovingly planted in the garden of our thoughts in the hope that one day we would all find her courage and strength to love a life of difference. Perhaps Carole’s message is simply to know that when we balance all things on a scale of love the world around us miraculously transforms before our very eyes.

Maybe it’s time to start telling ourselves a very different story. To change our thoughts is to create a better world for everyone, a world where love only knows love. Without adversity, we can all manifest love as the building block of our future.

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Essential Oils For Manifesting 

The power of manifestation lies in the journey! To manifest or materialize requires clarity, focus, passion, determination, luck, surrender, persistence and acceptance.

Our life experiences are the result of our choices. Nothing happens by chance, however it may be that our perception clouds our vision to the connection of the cause and effect in each circumstance.

Perception creates our reality as it is the physical expression of our inward state of being and so to change our outer state we must change our inner reality.

Why do we struggle to easily manifest all that we desire in life? Why does it have to be so hard? Why do some seem to easily acquire whatever they seek? We seem to forget we are manifesting all the time.

Do we not manifest our lives each day? We take the resources we have and transmute them into a physical body so easily, our most advanced scientist cannot do this. So, we need to start believing in ourselves and our ability to manifest that which we desire.

Of course, many of us manifest what we don’t want all the time too. These are the times we are complaining about what is wrong in our lives, how we have been mistreated, abandoned or rejected.

What we manifest reflects our state of mind and we need to acknowledge that we are responsible for what we experience as all that is unfolding is in some way here to help us if we put it into the correct frame.

When we talk about manifestation, people frequently call to mind fame, wealth, power, love or some other desire. Many are unable to clearly express their specific desires or know the intention behind those desires.

They cannot visualise what their life looks like if they manifested that desire and some are not prepared to make the hard choices or understand the bigger picture related to what they want.

Which Essential Oils Are Good For Manifestation?


Manifestation begins with clarity or a word I like to use ‘transparency’. How can we create something when we have no idea what it looks like? Some are just waiting, waiting to jump onto someone else’s dream.

The essential oil Clary Sage is sometimes referred to as the Oil of Vision and Clarity. It is also associated with the 6th Chakra and you may know it as your ‘third eye’.

Working with the oil of this plant in meditative practices promotes connection to our inner and higher self to see the past and visualize our future with holistic perspective.

Connecting to the inner yearnings of our soul to manifest our life purpose. Most of us have no clue as to what our true self would like to manifest and thus may sabotage manifestation with unclear goals.

“To know yourself is the first and most important step in pursuing your dreams and goals” Stedman Graham.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle.

When we become disconnected with our true self and loose faith in living life and instead settle for existing, we become unable to ‘see’ our true self who then has to fade into the background so that we can accept the circumstances that we choose.

Working with Clary Sage energetically may help bring clarity about what you truly want to manifest helping you see what you want and why do you want it.


Let’s assume you now know where you are heading and have a goal. The next step is to focus, this means being able to see the path and the road you need to take to get there.

You need a plan! Working with Lemon essential oil may help to bring fresh focus and consciousness to you. Lemon helps to reduce the mind from muddled thinking as a result of our daily life burdens, indecisions and obstacles to manifestation.

It works dynamically with the element of Earth to support thinking and concentration to absorb and analyse ideas and information and calm over-thinking and mental churning.


A vital element on your road to manifestation is passion. We all hit the inevitable roadblocks in our journey to manifest a goal, but if you don’t have that inner passion then you are unlikely to reach your goal.

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their short comings, beyond their failures” Joseph Campbell

“Passion is the fuel of our soul, it is the deepest yearning that will not go away” Elizabeth Mulvey

Passion is critical to the power of manifestation as the energy and space you need to hold during your journey to manifestation requires the fuel of the soul.

Here I would recommend Cedarwood as an essential oil. Cedar appears frequently in the bible to symbolize abundance, fertility and spiritual strength. The name ‘cedrus’ is said to originate from the arable word ‘kedron’ meaning ‘power’.

Look to Cedarwood to connect you with your strength in time of crisis, to steady your resolve.

If on the other hand you are struggling to connect with your passion then Jasmine, Ylang Ylang or Rose may help you connect to your yearnings.


Understanding your current circumstances without censure or blame towards yourself or others prepares you for the future. In this area I would recommend Lavender to soothe, calm, and support emotional honesty with ourselves.

What are your fears around your goal and do you really want it are important questions to consider.

As we grow towards emotional honesty we can get a greater perspective for the blessings, fortune and luck we already have in our lives without even trying. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way to allow the blessings we seek.

A gratitude practice creates an environment and perception of wealth. Find one that suits you whether it is Affirmations, Journaling, Visualisation or something else.


Determination and certainty in your vision will be your constant companion on your journey to manifestation. Look to the essential oils of Basil, Ginger, and Black Pepper to support overwhelm, fatigue, defeat, powerlessness, courage and personal integrity challenges along the way.


The final step towards mastering the power of manifesting is accepting that we are co-creating our reality with the world around us. So be open to opportunities as you never know what you will allow by including this energy into your manifestation plan.

Then create a world around us to serve and support our needs and desires but also to keep our true identities safe and hidden.

The power of manifestation is in the journey, the ability to ‘see’ what we really want. It is created in every moment we connect to our passion.

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the laws of attraction

The Quantum Field Of Birth 

Manifesting your positive birth at the level of the quantum.

This issue’s topic on manifestation has come at the perfect timing for me after returning recently from an Advanced Retreat with none other than Dr Joe Dispenza.

After spending 7 days with him, I honour him as a walking master and certainly a gentleman at the top of the manifestation game as a world teacher.

After sitting in meditation most days at the retreat for at least 6 hours and receiving many downloads and clarifications from the quantum field, I am pleased to share in this article what I have come to know about the art of manifestation and how it can be applied to the field of positive childbirth.

Dr Joe is not the first teacher to purport that all potentials exist in the quantum field, it is well accepted that if we can think it, we can create it.

Dr Joe’s work in the field of manifestation goes a little further though, asking you to find the sweet spot of the generous present moment and then to raise your energy to a whole new level.

It is then from this space, you broadcast your clear intention into the field, this thought or intention essentially carries an electrical charge into the field.

In order for this intention to make its way or manifest from the field into matter, it must be broadcast simultaneously with an elevated emotion such as joy, appreciation, or excitement.

It is this elevated emotion that is carrying a higher level of energy and also the magnetic charge into the field that will help attract this experience into your being and experience.

The key to this process is that you have to tap into the feeling you anticipate you will have when you manifest your intent, and then you must connect with and feel the emotion ahead of the event.

A vital element in this advanced manifestation process is also that you must authentically release your intention to a greater mind and trust that the universe will respond to you as you have created it, then surrendered it from the space of your pure heart.

So how can any of this information apply to childbirth you may be thinking?

Well there is never a more important time in a woman’s life to place their attention, energy and awareness than in the preparation for birthing a child into the world.

The creation and birth of a child is THE ultimate manifestation of divine union and of life force energy into physical form.

What if more mothers to be were educated to create their ideal birth experience from the level of the quantum? What would this even look like?

It is sometimes a controversial topic in the birth world whether a mother should fully prepare herself for her birth at all, owing to what is commonly perceived as the unpredictable nature of birth.

Some mothers are even scoffed at when they undertake independent childbirth education programs and formulate their specific preferences for their births with the prevalent attitude being that “you just can’t plan for birth. “

As a doula and Hypnobirthing childbirth educator, I am definitely not of this mindset, when a mother and her birth partner can approach their birth with good tools, support and preparation, I believe that they absolutely can direct the course of their birth in a positive manner.

I have such a strong belief in the power of quantum manifestation techniques for pregnant mothers and I educate mothers to put a lot of effort into planning, visualizing and dreaming in their positive birth experience.

As part of the manifestation process for a positive birth I am also careful to teach the importance of surrendering the birth vision to what Dr Joe refers to as the greater mind or infinite field.

A mother must therefore intend the birth experience she wants, feel the emotions of this experience, but then be able to let this intention go without any attachment to the outcome.

As I mentioned earlier the surrender of the intention is an integral step in the quantum manifestation process and is acutely important when using quantum manifestation techniques to prepare for birth.

Surrender is ironically also the most important skill a mother must do as she physically brings her baby into the world.

So Here Is Exactly What Quantum Planning & Preparation For Manifesting Your Ideal Birth Should Look Like

Commitment to a spiritual or meditation practice whereby you intentionally connect with the unified field, raise your energy, connect with your baby and your partner daily.

Consistent relaxation or meditation practice in pregnancy has been shown to reduce anxiety and promote confidence, wellbeing and coherence. You are most ideally placed to create and manifest when you are operating from a sustained state of coherence.

Listening to birth specific hypnotherapy conditioning tracks, a major component of the Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM program, these tracks can help you to release unhelpful fears and patterns and are valuable tools that can reprogram the subconscious with positive affirmations and suggestions about your innate ability to give birth without fear or stress and manifest a calm and positive experience.

Creation of a unique vision board for your birth, on this board you should include affirmations that fill you with confidence, trust, excitement and elation about your upcoming birth.

“ My birth will be so easy because I am so relaxed.” If your goal is to have a water birth, you can include a picture of a mother birthing calmly in the water. It is important to fill the board with empowering messages and images of birth and any other images that connect you with a feeling of calm and confidence.

Finally, consistent mental rehearsal and visualization of your ideal birth experience in the quantum field. You must first centre your energy and awareness into the timelessness of infinite space.

You then find that present moment awareness and then broadcast your clear intention for the birth experience you want, what specifically does your baby’s birth look like and feel like?

Are you in labour during the day or the evening? How long will you and your baby be in labour for? Who is it that is there at your birth? How are you moving through your labour? Are your surges powerful and rhythmic, are you breathing easily through them?

Are you feeling connected to your baby? How is your partner supporting you? How are your caregivers treating you?

You must FEEL all of the emotions of your birthing day and then elevate them to the highest level. Imagine how you will look and feel as you move through your labour feeling supported, anchored, calm and powerful!

How does it feel to have your partner hold you, massage you, encourage you? What positions are you in as you move through your labour? As you actually give birth to your baby? Are you in the water birthing your baby? How will you feel when you see and touch your baby for the first time?

In order to manifest your ideal birth from the quantum space, you must regularly play over in your mind the birth experience you are wanting and you must elevate the emotions you will feel on the day.

Using the elevated emotions of love, grace, peace, calm, joy, pleasure and power are especially helpful for a birthing mother.

As you use the quantum field to raise your energy with these elevated emotions, you will literally tune into the energy of your future birth and when you can do this, you can actually change your biology and release the electromagnetic signature of the calm and positive birth you are planning.

This signature is then felt and endorsed by the unified field and will return to you in the realization and manifestation of your beautiful, calm and positive birth!

And so it is and so it will be.

Hypnobirthing Expert
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the laws of attraction

You Manifest Your Life, Your World, Your Universe 

Being clear on what we want in our life can be powerful. Simple explanation. Manifesting is allowing something to appear. It displays itself, brings into existence.

Just like a magician can cast a spell and “pooff’ it appears, that is manifestation at its greatest! But that’s not quite possible …or is it? We are all creators of our Universe.

In fact, we are continually manifesting our lives each moment, whether you realize it or not. We have bought everything into our reality, every person, place, event, our experience’s good/ bad, positive/negative, doesn’t matter what it is. Where you are in your life today is simply a reflection of what you’ve created.

You’ve heard the saying ‘thoughts become things’? Well that’s only a little piece of the picture. It’s your emotions and energy that create your reality.

And if you are wanting to manifest anything in your life, you have to truly connect with your feelings and how you guide your energy to create it.

Work The Universe To Your Benefit!

I recently attended an empowering 2 day workshop as part of Forensic Healing called “Get The Universe Working For You”. It truly gave me another perspective of how we connect with the Universe.

Everything we ever need in life is within us. As the amazing human being that you are, we live in a world where we put our experiences into categories. Positive and Negative!

Being aware that our conscious thoughts create our reality, what if we see it as either being in resistance or being in flow?

If you are feeling bad, we see it as a negative and we don’t embrace or truly express our emotions, so this causes a resistance or block in making our dreams/desires being manifested.

Negative thinking is manifesting negative life experience, so if you think and feel positive thoughts of good health, abundance, appreciation, gratitude joy and love, you will manifest positive experiences.

Be The Flow

Now to be in the flow, is when you are feeling absolute joy, loved, happiness and creative! Because we live in a Universe that responds to our feelings and whatever feelings come up, for example a Clint Eastwood moment – good, bad and ugly (lol), you enthusiastically participate in this state of flow.

It’s about really allowing yourself to completely surrender and to let it be. When you shift out of judgement, open and expand your heart, and allow yourself to feel like you’ve never felt before, amazing things happen.

Let go and when you are in the present you manifest through your connection to The Universe, empowering your emotions and aligning with your highest authenticity, bringing your inner light to the surface in the present moment.

Then all your dreams/desires flow into your reality.

You Are The Magician In Manifesting

I have a love and quirky fascination for using oracle cards; message cards, guidance cards, call them what you want, by the way, when I started to write a few sections of this article I pulled a beautiful energy oracle card and it was “Magician and The Mirror”, how cool was that!

As an energy healer I started to really develop my awareness of everything being pure energy. It’s accessing the inner magic within me. It’s where I’m in my sacred space and time and I’m really opening and feeling that connection to self.

I can feel the intuitive whispers and I know I’m accessing higher powers. It’s like striking a light with the Universe, because she will feel your spark!

I often use the oracle cards as a power tool to seek more information. Sometimes I’m guided to pull a card for a client prior to working with them, or it happens during a healing session. It would give me another level of guidance to what was going on.

Just like I use the oracle cards as a source of receiving guidance, messages, wisdom, you too are the oracle and constantly receiving messages from the universe. But are we really listening?

We all hold amazing power within us. We are the Universe, and if you only access the flow of energy around you, you will understand that you are the key. By enticing the Universe to listen and feel us, she responds accordingly.

Your Body Is A Manifesting Temple

Did you know your body manifests symptoms that lets you know something is wrong? There are a few common signs to let us know, but have we just gotten used to dealing with these on a daily basis, thinking it is part of our normal life.

Here Are Some Simple Signs From Your Body:

Tired: It’s difficult to get out of bed, needing a nap during the day and more effort is required to keep going.

Temperament: Finding that you have a shorter temper.

Emotional: My emotions are more sensitive and can cry at the drop of a hat.

Digestive Problems: Feeling of being full, bloated, difficulty using your bowels (either to soft or too hard, and the good ole indicator of wind.

Weight Problems: Losing weight is a struggle or gaining weight is just as hard.

Body Circulation: Cold hands or feet.

Poor Memory: You seem to forget things, not remembering people’s names, can be a loss of words within a conversation.

Finding That Balance & Evolving

Your body is your physical manifestation of your spirit and soul and when you are in complete alignment, in other words, when you are balanced and whole, you are evolving. Our sole purpose is to align one’s self with the physical and the spiritual. We are here to ascend on a spiritual level.

To Manifest Is to Connect

Remember the movie Aladdin’s Lamp? And how if you could rub the magic lamp and the genie would appear, he would grant your every wish…Ohh boy, as human beings we can get quite impatient.

It’s like we want everything now! I want it, I want it, I want it all! You must know that everything happens in perfect Divine timing. The secret to manifesting is to act as if it has already happened.

Your imagination is the rainbow bridge to all the other dimensions. Doors to transformation often happen through human connection and having “open” energy. Being in alignment is the fastest way to manifest what you desire most. So what does being in alignment mean?

It means identifying and shifting all the limiting beliefs and stress held in your body/mind/energy. Shifting, releasing and letting go of everything that causes pain, suffering, fear or anxiety and allowing in more of those things which bring you heart elating true joy.

As A Collective It Is Powerful

We are manifesting as a collective and manifesting as individuals so when we are manifesting, we need to think of the rainbow and think of the planet and all the creatures on this earth plane and how it balances out.

We need to manifest harmony, peace and healing on this earth. When we focus on whatever we are wanting to manifest for ourselves, try to expand your awareness, step outside of your world and offer a small gesture of love, thoughts and appreciation on a whole for humanity.

By doing this you empower your emotions, you improve your connection to the universe, so you can manifest in your truth with power.

“Hold A Thought For just 17 seconds and the Law Of Attraction kicks in.
Hold A thought for 68 seconds and things move; Manifestation has begun”
Abraham Hicks

Award-Winning Structured Natural Therapy System That Combines Science & Intuition. Forensic Healing is a proven therapy system superior to all healing modalities, because it:

Profiles the client, identifying negative life patterns, archetypes, emotions, belief systems, and much more.
Clears curses, negative energies, rituals, and many other spiritual issues.
Activates spontaneous healing forces in the body for immediate changes.
Removes the negative conditioning stored in the DNA or cell memory.
Uses healing secrets from ancient healing scripts combined with the most-advanced scientific methods.
Utilizes healing pathways that use physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual elements.
Heals deeply at a soul level by targeting soul facets, fragments, DNA etc.
Places a blessing on the client at the end of a healing.
Educates and empowers the client to understand themselves so they leave with new information to progress in their life.
Includes new Soul Module which removes embedded implants, Ail programs, mind control systems and disconnects souls from the corrupted Matrix.

See Yourself Having A Dynamic New Experience

I look forward to hopefully meeting you, joining your journey and helping you in any way to ride the waves of growth, new beings and this wonderful life we truly can find inspiring and inspirational!
Many Blessings, Love & Joy To You All

Forensic Healer
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The Secret Law Of Attraction Book

the laws of attraction
The Laws Of Attraction And Manifestation –
Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The 7 Laws Of Attraction?
The Law of Manifestation
The Law of Magnetism
The Law of Unwavering Desire
The Law of Delicate Balance
The Law of Harmony
The Law of Right Action
The Law of Universal Influence
How Do You Use The Law Of Attraction?
Think positive
Use affirmations
Focus on what you want
Get specific about what you want
Set realistic goals
Energetically connect to what you want
How Long Does Law Of Attraction Take To Work?
This is different for everyone. There is no exact time on how long it will take for the law of attraction to manifest your desires. It depends on 3 main factors. Your belief that you can have what you want to manifest, your alignment with your desire and your ability to let go and trust in the outcome. So if you REALLY want something, the stronger the imagery you surround yourself with, the more powerful your desire will be.

The Law Of Attraction Esther Hicks

the laws of attraction

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