Conscious Intention Explained

Conscious Intention

What is your intended reality?  Intentions affect every aspect of your life.  If you desire to change your reality, it will always begin to manifest by an intention.  Every change emerges as a conscious intention.

With the shifts that are occurring in our Universe, it is vital that we begin to shift our own personal intentions and energetic signatures.

Every decision that you make is a conscious intention which forms your attitude about reality.  You are making decisions or conscious intentions every moment of every day.  You create your own reality by your conscious intentions.

Intentions are a form of energy.  Energy vibrationally is a form of light.  Your intentions shape the light frequency and place it into a vibrational movement.  Your intentions are your energetic signature.

Reality is shaped by these energetic signatures.  Your energetic signature is the light that radiates from your souls intentions.  Every physical form in your reality is shaped by this energetic signature.

Reality is an animate, multi-layered creative manifestation.  Your personal reality is unique to your soul.  No one else has the same identical reality.

Reality is formed from the active consciousness merging with the subconsciousness.  It is formed by the energetic signatures of the light frequencies emitted by your soul.

There are multiple layers of creative reality in the Universe.  The layer we focus upon as human souls is the personal reality.  This is the reality that is influenced by your own energetic signature.  This layer is made up of your intentions or choices.

Within this layer you create the intention of love or anger, greed or giving, or being of service or being selfish.  You create your own personal reality by the intentions that you choose for your self.

The next layer of creative reality is the tribal layer.  This is your family or your tribe.  Here the energetic signatures merge together to form a group signature.  The personal intentions at this level have an effect on the entire tribal signature.

If one person in the tribe makes the intention or choice of being angry rather than understanding, it affects the reality of the entire tribe.  This is still a semi personal level of reality, but it is highly influenced by the others in the tribe.

As you move out from these personal levels of creative reality, the merger of soul energy becomes more impersonal.  It is still however, a definite co-creation process that is shared by energetic signatures.

An example is when you send energetic intentions to a natural disaster, your signature merges with others sending the same personal energetic intention to create pulse of light.

It is not necessary for those receiving the pulse to believe in the energetic intention for the pulse to have an impact.

The belief system that you hold as your intention does not have to be held or shared with others to have an impact upon the creative reality.

As you move outward into the layers of reality, the energetic signatures that have merged together form bands of energetic light to vibrate at an unified frequency.

These are collective intentions not necessarily universal intentions.  Universal reality is the conscious and unconscious intention of the Earth’s soul.

Individual signatures flow through the collective consciousness.

The collective consciousness takes the individual energetic signatures and expand them, creating the cause and effects we see in the physical form, and accumulation of the energetic intentions to create the pulses.

An example of how this works can be made using the human form.  The individual cells within the physical body are the personal energetic signature intentions.  The organs are like the tribal signatures.  The whole body is like the collective intentions.

In this way we can see how the individual energetic signatures mutually respond to the collective signatures respond to the individual signatures.

We can also see how the tribal signatures can merge together to send laser like pulses of energy (the heart) when the collective intention of the tribe is unified.

You contribute both to the conscious and subconscious creation and evolution of the collective consciousness of the Universe.  You create and participate in every aspect of creative reality.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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