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Energy Flows

Energy & Consciousness. Consciously Choose Where Your Energy Flows

Wherever there is light, there is Consciousness." - Samael Aun Weor, The Great Rebellion Literally Being Knocked Out When I was young girl at school I...
Prenatal Consciousness

Spirit Babies & The Realms Of Prenatal Consciousness

It wasn’t too long ago, indeed for most of the twentieth century the consensus in the medical community was that the infant and most...
Change Consciousness

How To Use Your Energy To Change Consciousness

In the world, we understand nature through physical duplication, reproduction and expansion.  A single sperm and egg combine and then divide (i.e. meiosis and...
The Flowering Of Human Consciousness

The Flowering Of Human Consciousness

The mysteries of the Universe, Ancient Civilisations, scripture, antiquity, myth, legend and the meaning of life sparks the imagination and ignites a quest for...
Finding Balance

Soul Matters: Inner Housekeeping. Finding Balance

Weaving together energy and thoughts and putting them into words and action is what I thrive on. Constantly working on the balance between my...
Energy & Consciousness

Energy & Consciousness. What Do These Words Mean?

When you say these two words, energy & consciousness, what comes to mind for you? They are two words that have certainly gained some traction...
Change Your Energy

Change Your Energy. Change Your Health.

I have written about energy many times before and this is a carry on from my opening article in this magazine. You saw how science...

Energy, Consciousness & Health

Welcome back to our latest edition of Holistic Living Magazine. I think the topic for this edition is very important right now. For so...
Conscious conception

Keys To Having A Conscious Conception

As the evolution towards greater personal health responsibility and sovereignty steadily gains momentum, the idea of consciously preparing for conception and pregnancy is becoming...

Five Tips For An Enlightened Life – Return To Consciousness

In the last fifty years consciousness has moved from heart to head. The information age comes at a big cost. Conscious humans now realize...


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