A Fire Shaman Meditation

Shaman Meditation

A Fire Shaman is one who shares medicine and wisdom from the spiritual world to heal the energies order to restore love and union with all existing.  A Fire Shaman will use the element of fire to purifying those energies that are no longer useful to a soul.

How To Find Your Inner Fire Shaman

Many have asked how to find the cauldron of the soul within self.  The foundation of life is the flame of eternal love.  It is the first place that we as humans process our understanding of perceptions.  The element of fire is our blood.  The flame of eternal love is our blood.

The cauldron of the soul is the sacred place inside where purity and stillness can exist.  To experience its flow within like a river, simply focus upon your blood flowing through your body.

Feel the heartbeat that pumps the flow through your body by placing your fingers on your neck feeling the external pulse.  Close your eyes and focus solely on the pulsating.

Inhale deeply allowing the oxygen to completely fill your lungs before exhaling and continue to feel the pulsating beating.  Like a smooth drum beat that is echoing throughout your entire being.

Consciously tune your entire being to this pulsating.  Experience the warming of your body as the pulsation of your blood travels through every vessel, every vein, and every artery in your being.  Feel the heat as any impurities are carried away.

Each inhalation filling your lungs with the fire of inspiration, the fire of passion, and the eternal love while each exhalation expels all impurities, all fears, and all old beliefs that repress your own internal fire.

It is said that when you ignite the spark within your soul, it will reveal that which is your truth.

Returning to the cauldron of the soul, that sacred place and reigniting the spark of the eternal love, you will find a depth of truth within that returns you to the Oneness of the soul with all that there is.

In returning to the element of fire, the Eternal Flame of Love, it is a return to YOUR home – YOUR soul.  It is within your soul that you will find all truths, all the answers to your every question.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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