Replacing The Mask With The Female Warrior Spirit

Female Warrior Spirit

Powerful, strong in body and spirit, and able to meet any challenge upon the path.  That is the Female Warrior Spirit.  To be mentally and physically honed into a finely tuned instrument that is a bit wild and gutsy is not the same as being an aggressor.

It is being full bodied that truly embody their whole soul.  All the choices they make are from the heart and passion of the soul.

Especially now, a female must be connected with their internal primal and raw energy.  This is  the life force that sets you truly free.  It fuels your growth, your vitality, and ultimately your eternal fire.

It is when reclaim our warrior energy that we can clarify our beliefs to act with dignity, strength, compassion and understanding.

Meditation can clear the way to begin in the reclaiming process.  For many, there is a mask that as females we have chosen to wear.  It is the persona we feel safe in showing the world.  What is acceptable and familiar for society to see.

The mask is simply a character that is played.  To reclaim the empowerment of the warrior spirit deep within it is vital the mask be taken off so that the authentic self is revealed.

Begin in a comfortable position.  Take a few deep breathes in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.  Allow the tip of your tongue to comfortably touch the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth.

Slowly, as you continue to deep breath in this manner, bring your attention and awareness up to your face.  Allow your eyes to close naturally.  Simply observe your inner reflection of yourself.  Don’t change anything you see.

Simply observe it and take notice of your expressions.  Notice your eyes.  The tightness around your lips.  Your brow’s tension.  Take notice of the sensations as you simply observe yourself.

Take a few more deep breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth as you bring your attention to inside your mouth.  Relax your tongue.  Wiggle it slightly.  Let your lips part and shift their position.

Notice the sensations you feel as you do this.  Notices the little sensations that happen each time you make a slight movement.

Try different expressions and qualities of a smile, a pout, and a  growl.  Let sounds escape and may with the masks of your expressions.  Allow the emotions that begin to flow simply flow in and out without judgment.

Allow your fingers to come to your solar plexus feeling the rise and fall of each deep breath.  Feel the center of your core where your fire dwells.

Feel the fire within.  Gently massage your solar plexus drawing your breath deeper with each inhalation.  Drawing it from your center.

Draw your hands upward caressing as they draw up to the base of your throat.  Gently tap on your throat a few times awakening the energy center.  As your fingers draw upward focus on your breath.  Feel it continue to draw the energy upward.

Massage your neck as your fingers draw the energy upward.  Continuing to focus on the energy the breath draws upward.  Allow your hands to come to rest upon your face where ever it is comfortable.

Swallow a few times as you continue to deep breath.  Moisten your lips.

Gather your energy as you sit up straight.  Drawing in a deep breath so that your energy is pulled up from your solar plexus in a small ball.  Keep your awareness on this ball of energy as it moves upward.  Allow it to flow upward at your own speed.

Don’t force it.  As it moves into your throat area, exhale audibly.  Listen to the sound.  See the energy expelled through your exhalation.

When you are ready, allow your breath to shift to a vocal sound.  Open your mouth and let the sound flow out.  Allow it to emerge.  Take your time as the sound shifts.

Allow it to come fully into the sound of the energy.  Feel the sound vibrations shift the expressions on your face.  Don’t judge the expressions, just allow it to flow outward.

Allow it to expand outward so that the space around comes into the full impact of your vibration.  Take another deep breath and boldly allow the vibration of your voice begin to sing your own sound outward.

Feel the vibration emerge into the warrior energy as you vocalize it.  Don’t hold it back.  Allow the wild and savage sounds to bellow your appearance to the world.

When you can feel the warrior sounds flowing freely from your solar plexus, return your breathing to a deep inhalation and smooth exhale.

Sit with the new energy and savor the flow that fills you.  Take your time returning back to the physical.  Enjoy the wild warrior that you are.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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