Stress And Anxiety, Are They Killing Us?


Definition Of Stress (n) – Bing Dictionary

1. Strain felt by somebody: mental, emotional, or physical strain caused, e.g. by anxiety or overwork. It may cause such symptoms as raised blood pressure or depression

2. Cause of strain: something that causes stress

3. Special importance: special emphasis, importance, or significance attached to something

Stress and anxiety are normal in our day to day lives. Many of us see them as old friends. Right now we are all so busy and have so much to do daily that it is easy to feel the stress to get everything done. Many of us think we have to be like superman or superwoman on a daily basis.

Stress is the result of frustration, anger, or feeling anxious over a particular situation. Usually stress is caused by something we feel we have no control over or we think we have to succeed in everything we do.

In our minds, there can be no failure and if we don’t get everything achieved, we feel unworthy or feel that we are not good enough and beat ourselves up more.

Definition Of Anxiety (n) – Bing Dictionary

1. Feeling of worry: nervousness or agitation, often about something that is going to happen

2. Something that worries somebody: a subject or concern that causes worry

3. Strong wish to do something: the strong wish to do something, especially if the wish is unnecessarily or unhealthily strong

Anxiety is indicated by fear or apprehension, and in many cases, the cause may be unknown. Anxiety is future based fear. It is the fear of something yet to happen. Think about if you are worrying about something.

You are worrying about something that may happen in the future. You are wasting energy on something that may not even happen!

Both stress and anxiety are very personal experiences; what is stressful for one person may not be for another. It depends how each of us manage our stress.

Even though in everyone’s life, we at some point will feel anxiety or stress, we forget to look after ourselves in the process and this is where most of our troubles begin.

What Can Stress & Anxiety Do To Your Body?

1. Elevate blood pressure

2. Increase heart rate

3. Slow down digestion and metabolism

4. Flood the bloodstream with chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol

5. Tense our muscles

What Can We Do To Alleviate Stress & Anxiety?

1. Meditate

2. Breathe deeply

3. Be present

4. Tune in to your body

5. Watch your thoughts

You see all of these suggestions involve being still and tuning in to your body. Your mind can not concentrate on two things at the same time, so when you are concentrating on your body, you cannot concentrate of the thing causing you to feel stressed or nervous.

Sometimes we need to train our minds to think and act differently. If we have been living in stress and anxiety most of our lives, we need to retrain our body and minds to think and act differently.

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