Anxiety And The Adrenal System. Health & Wellness Tips.


How many tigers have you had to run away from today? Many or none? I guess the answer is none. Does your body realise this or does it feel like it has been chased by many tigers?

Stress affects us the same way it did our cavemen ancestors thousands of years ago. Our bodies are still wired for stress physiologically the same way we were back then, with our primordial fight or flight response alive within us to keep us alert and safe.

Cavemen needed short bursts of energy to help them survive. They needed adrenalin to run through their bodies.

When a tiger was hunting them they needed to either run away for safety or stand and fight to get meat for food, so their adrenals would pump blood to their hands and feet to help them.

The adrenal system was built for this and it is AMAZING at helping our bodies deal with stressful situations.

When the caveman had escaped their run from the tiger or got their meat, what did they do? They would go back to the cave to eat and sleep.

You see the cavemen would use their adrenal systems in short bursts and would then rest. This way their body had time to disperse the adrenalin and aid rest. So when they had used the adrenalin, they would go to sleep with the help of the help of cortisol.

(Cortisol is the sleep hormone). This is how our bodies are supposed to work but do they in the busy world we live in.

Just like our ancestors, modern humans battle stressors and our bodies think we are in a fight or flight mode. For example staying in an unhealthy relationship with a partner, having no job or financial hardship, not liking your job but doing it “for the money”.

Sitting in hours of traffic jams can cause stress daily. Too much exercise is also an unhealthy stress. There are so many ways for us to feel stress.

The same chemicals are coursing through our bodies as the caveman’s.

This Distress Or Stress May Cause The Body To:

• Elevate blood pressure

• Increase heart rate

• Slow down digestion and metabolism

• Flood the bloodstream with chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol

• Tense up muscles

There Are Many Negative Effects That Stress Has On Our Bodies:

Do you feel like you are always chasing your tail?

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

Do you often get to the end of the day feeling anxious because you didn’t achieve all that you set out to achieve?

Are you so stressed that you can’t sleep at night?

Does your to do list keep playing around and around in your head even when you are trying to rest?

Is your body restless?

Do you suffer anxiety?

If you answered yes to some of these, you are probably putting strain on your adrenal system.

How Does It Heal?

•  We need to think and act differently to create change in our lives.

•  We need to change habits.

•  We need to support our adrenal systems with herbs.

•  We need to rest.

•  We need to get regular sleep.

•  We need to STOP putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect.

As with everything in life thought comes first. We need to change our thinking before we can change our behaviours. If you need help I would love to work with you.

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Sharon WhiteSharon White

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