Stress, Anxiety, Anger And Depression Is Now A New World Epidemic


You wake up in the morning feeling your body heavy and tired before you even get out of bed. The mind is playing havoc with all the things you have to do before you step outside the front door.

You find yourself irritable and short tempered, your breathing is short, every now and then you catch yourself having to take a short quick inhale to regulate your breathing.

Later that day “out of the blue” you suddenly find yourself in a panic, your body feels numb, your heart is thumbing in your chest, your hands start to sweat and your throat feels as if you can’t swallow.

You start to have tunnel vision you’re looking for the quickest exit but you can’t seem to see one. The mind joins in making the whole situation extremely traumatic. The feeling of utter terror takes over, you feel as if you’re not really present.

You start telling yourself that you are going to have a heart attack, choke; you are making a fool out of yourself and worse you’re going to die.

Seven years ago this was my life, in fact this was a second episode in my life, the first time I experienced anxiety I was 18 years of age.

Through these two bouts of depression and anxiety I looked for answers and wanted to understand why and to find out how to over-come such an experience?

Stress, anxiety, anger and depression can hit at anytime; no one is exempt from experiencing this new world illness.

It can occur when you experience a traumatic experience, negative childhood incidents, high-levels of stress, poor diet and illness can all lead towards toxicity of the mind and body.

A build-up normally creates a physical or mental condition; it takes time to adjust to a new condition, compounding toxicity that affects the mind, body and heart creates the new physical or mental condition.

The mind being your thoughts, body being you’re physiology and the heart being your emotions.

So an example could be a reasonably healthy person may experience a cold or flu, this is a purge of toxins in the body. This is the body trying to normalise and bring back balance.

A great example and very common illnesses among the first world is, Tonsillitis this is an example of the lymphatic system being used to clear toxins from the physical body.

The accompanying fever is an attempt by the physical body to burn off the excess toxicity to restore harmony.

Back in 2009 I experienced tonsillitis eight times throughout the year and constantly took antibiotics; this was compounding the toxicity in my body and leading to a new condition.

In most cases the person will not identify with the illness, they just want it to go away.

The body’s intelligence is presented to us as a cause and effect process but rarely do people take stock of why this is happening. Society has created a constitutional environment that doesn’t aim to support self-care and healing.

We look for a quick fix, a band-aid and avoid the core of the existence of such a condition. It seems to be all too hard in such a fast past sociological environment.

This compounds to create degenerative sickness, which may start to be seen as anxiety, depression.

Once arrogance of the condition occurs additional compounding leads to much more serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes which all leads to an over acidic blood stream.

Repeated physical abuse to a person’s constitution, lack of emotional support and deprivation of their passion and purpose may lead to physical illness or an emotional breakdown.

Once this point has been reached a whole entourage of expertise is needed to create an environment necessary to support a person’s journey back to good health in the mind, body and heart.

Our condition is a result of our day-to-day living and by the rule of nature this is always changing. So it’s our own reasonability to make sure we nurture our ever-changing environment.

If this is not managed effectively, our constitution changes slowly and arrogance to our ever-changing environment may develop a negative composition. How do we nurture our ever-changing environment and harmonise the mind, body and heart?

Relaxation is a key to success, granted at certain times of our lives it’s hard but sometimes even the smallest relaxation techniques such as a breathing exercise will invigorate our nervous system and keep balance.

People relax in many different ways; the simplest way to find your way is to seek what lights you up makes you feel light and brings a sense of nourishment in your environment. This could be walking, reading, painting or singing?

Breathing is so important but today many of us, my-self included lose the connection to our breath. Our breath is our unconscious life force that illuminates our whole being.

Master the mind and become aware of your thoughts, what you are saying to yourself? 9 times out of 10 you will find your thoughts are unhelpful, so replace these with realistic and positive thoughts.

Your mind and imagination are so powerful for innovation and creation. Our thoughts create our reality so practice makes perfect, at first it can seem impossible but ask and look for support.

Finally behavior is vital to creating a well-balanced heart, mind and body. Challenging what you do is probably the most helpful way to overcome and reverse a negative cycle but is not easily accomplished, that is were asking for help from a trained professional is OK.

There are many ways to overcome anxiety and depression.

Everyone is different but seeking out what works for you by starting to educate yourself on how amazing and incredible you are.

You are the biggest asset in your life so it’s important to take good care of that asset; it’s your investment into the future and your vehicle to experience the extraordinary.

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Stress, Anxiety, Anger & Depression Krista Smith – Natural Therapist & Transformational Coach

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