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Aromatherapy Oil & Stress

Aromatherapy Oil & Stress. Part 2

This is a transcript from an interview with Elizabeth Mulvey and Sharon White on aromatherapy oil & stress. You can see part 1 of our...
Aromatherapy- An Ageless Gift Of Nature

Aromatherapy- An Ageless Gift Of Nature

Aromatherapy is more than just the scenting of our homes and person. Nature has provided us with an amazingly powerful and diverse range of...

Superfood Salad

People keep talking about superfoods, what are they? Certain foods (mainly fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds) are particularly packed with essential nutrients including vitamins,...
Change Your Energy

Change Your Energy. Change Your Health.

I have written about energy many times before and this is a carry on from my opening article in this magazine. You saw how science...

Energy, Consciousness & Health

Welcome back to our latest edition of Holistic Living Magazine. I think the topic for this edition is very important right now. For so...
Ulcerative Colitis

Achieving Our Healthy Weight. Do Our Gut Bugs Have A Role?

Have you ever wondered why those extra pounds that came off so easily when you were younger are just not so easy to shed...
Emotions Create Our Reality

Emotions Create Our Reality – Use These Tools To Create The Reality You Deserve!

Your thoughts and their corresponding emotions are critical to your wellbeing.  Since your body is always creating new cells, it makes sense that your...
Turning Negative Emotions Into Positive

Emotions & Me. Turning Negative Emotions Into Positive.

The question of what emotions are can be a bit tricky to nail down. It depends on who you ask really. I’ve heard it...
Emotional Baggage

Free Lifetime Upgrade For Your Emotional Baggage

If there was such a thing as real emotional baggage, what would be inside yours, how old and heavy would it be, what would...
Positive Emotions Improve Your Health

Positive Emotions Improve Your Health

We all experience challenges in life, some of us major and some minor. How we manage our emotional health during these periods and beyond...


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