Small Changes Can Add Up To Greatly Improved Spiritual Wellness

spiritual wellness

Are you looking for ways to create a more rewarding and balanced lifestyle? With simple and small alterations to your daily routine, you can boost your spiritual wellness. Here is how a few little adjustments can make a big difference in how you feel, both mentally and physically.

Less Stress, More Sleep

Does your bedroom provide sanctuary from the day, or does it contribute to feelings of tension and busyness? You can ease the stress in your life by turning your bedroom into a quiet, restorative environment.

Look for little adjustments that promote better sleep, such as installing room darkening blinds and adding sound-buffering material to your ceiling and walls. Also, make sure the room temperature is comfortable for sleep.

If you want to adjust your bedroom without impacting the rest of your home, you can add a portable heater or air conditioning unit to better maintain the temperature inside the room.

Good Day Sunshine!

Spending a little time in the sun every day can be a boost to your well-being, lowering your stress levels and reducing your risk for depression.

Livestrong suggests that half an hour per day of sunlight is all you need to boost your levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed for strong bones and is thought to potentially help ward off diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and several other health concerns.

So, the next time you’re reading the news or answering emails, settle in the sun to make the most of the moment.

Engage In Green Space

Do you spend time in nature? It appears getting a routine dose of green space is good for you in many ways, helping to lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, improve your sleep, and potentially prevent premature death.

You don’t need to be particularly outdoorsy to reap the benefits — just lounging on a park bench or strolling with your dog can suffice.

Play Some Tunes

When rhythm, beat, melody, and tones combine in a manner to your liking, some studies indicate that you can actually boost your mental and physical health.  Music appears to lower anxiety levels, improve memory function, reduce pain, and enhance your mood.

So, try turning on something upbeat and motivational when you’re doing housework, and calm, soothing tunes when you’re getting ready for bed.

Let’s Do Lunch

When is the last time you made plans with your best friend? As adults, all too often work and family obligations get in the way of having a healthy social life.

If you tend to let friendships fall by the wayside, you could be missing out on some key wellness benefits, including more mental sharpness, more emotional support and resilience, and even a longer lifespan.

The Many Perks Of Pets

Fido and Fifi earn their way into your heart for lots of reasons. Their antics, companionship, and love offer more than just entertainment, though.

According to Reader’s Digest, pet ownership could offer important emotional and physical health perks, such as less risk for heart disease, reduced pain levels, lower stress levels, and less loneliness.

Cutting Up

Everybody loves a good belly laugh, and it turns out some studies indicate laughter really could be the best medicine.

From giggles to guffaws, laughing appears to boost your immune function, prevent heart disease, drop stress and anxiety levels, and release hormones which lower your body’s response to pain.

Laughter even burns calories, so tell some jokes or turn on a comedy to help you feel good and enjoy better health.

Take A Breath

Most people don’t give much thought to how they are breathing unless they are experiencing trouble. However, learning some deep breathing exercises can be a health booster in several respects.

You can lower your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure, helping you through stressful situations both in the moment and throughout your day. It’s an easy way to reduce tension and help your mind, body, and soul relax.

A healthier, more balanced lifestyle can be yours with some simple alterations. Examine your routine and look for easy additions to improve your mental and physical well-being. Your spiritual self will be better off for it!

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