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Adventure Sports For Mental Health

Adventure Sports For Mental Health – Benefits

When you think of relaxing activities, you probably picture yoga, meditation or slow strolls in the park. But these activities are...
Mental Health And Suicide

Mental Health And Suicide: How Are They Related?

People’s mental health is one major cause in deciding the type of life they’re living. This means that a person could be at the...
Men's Mental Health

Why We Need To Talk About Men’s Mental Health

Sobering statistics have pointed to the fact that 75% of all suicides committed in the Western world are by men, as cited in an article by...
Garden Could Improve Your Mental Health

Ways A Garden Could Improve Your Mental Health

When we’re younger, thinking about our future homes, most of us picture a large flowing garden, with luscious green grass, pretty flowers in all...
Prolonged Sitting

Health Issues Caused By Prolonged Sitting

For many people, sitting for hours at their desk is an essential part of the job. However, these long periods of sitting can have...
Combining Yoga & Dancing

Combining Yoga & Dancing In A Rhythmic & Passionate Way

Dancing and yoga are two favorite pastimes for people around the world. Dancing is all about moving with the beat and moving around, having...
spiritual wellness

Small Changes Can Add Up To Greatly Improved Spiritual Wellness

Are you looking for ways to create a more rewarding and balanced lifestyle? With simple and small alterations to your daily routine, you can...

6 Reasons Why You Need To Take Collagen Daily

You have probably heard the word ‘collagen’ especially in the beauty industry, and you probably take it once in a while to promote the...
Health Problems

Golden Age: Health Problems You Should Know About

Aging affects human bodies in various ways. Yes, gray hair and wrinkles may be the most obvious signs that you are getting older, but...
Dry Eye Symptom

5 Things To Know About Your Dry Eye Symptoms!

The dry eye syndrome is a condition where the eyes are unable to produce healthy levels of tears. They are responsible to maintain the...


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