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mental health stigma

Mental Health Stigma

Let us understand the concept of Mental Health Stigma: With a growing number of people experiencing a steady decline in their mental health, society...
CBD oil for anxiety

CBD Oil For Anxiety. What Are The Benefits?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a derivative of the marijuana plant. It's not the chemical in the plant that causes a high or sense of...
Wellbeing Tips During Covid

Wellbeing Tips During Covid 19

It’s understandable that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the mental health of a lot of people has taken a hit. The news is...
Coronavirus Impacts Mental Health

How Coronavirus Impacts Mental Health

As the Covid-19 pandemic rapidly finds its way around the world, so is disruption in the lives of majority people across the globe. This...
Self Isolation

Self Isolation & Social Distancing

During times like these, we can start to feel very lonely. We know in order to protect both ourselves and our loved ones, self...
Water Is Good for You

6 Reasons Water Is Good For You

Water accounts for 60 percent of your body weight and 90 percent of your blood, which makes it essential for your well-being. Only when...
Care For Aging Parents

How To Care For Aging Parents In The Best Possible Way

As we need to care for aging parents, we’re slowly forced to come to terms with the new roles we take on in life:...
How To Ask Your Parents For Help

How To Ask Your Parents For Help

Undoubtedly, we hear from many teens who say that they need help with emotional or mental health issues arising out of separated families or other issues....
Adventure Sports For Mental Health

Adventure Sports For Mental Health – Benefits

When you think of relaxing activities, you probably picture yoga, meditation or slow strolls in the park. But these activities are not for everyone....
Mental Health First

Putting Mental Health First

Society has placed a stigma on the term "mental illness" giving it a negative connotation. This leads to mental health being one of the...

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