Scrap Metal Recycling Benefits Your Pocket & The Environment!

Scrap metal recycling

Ever heard that spoilt plums make the sweetest jams! So sometimes, spoilt isn’t such a bad thing after all, isn’t it?

That’s a suitable metaphor for all the ‘no-more-useful’ metal mess lying around you. But as most of us function, we look forward to getting rid of the clutter anyhow rather than giving it an attentive farewell where it can get a new lease on life and become valuable again.

This is where an expert scrap metal collector can come in real handy and the reasons might surprise you!

What Is Scrap Metal Recycling?

Scrap metal recycling involves scrap metal collection from residential as well industrial set-ups, carefully sorting it into ferrous and non-ferrous units after which it is baled, shredded, melted and put a new life into; practically getting the best out of the waste!

Who knew those old tools lying in your garage can not only be worth some dough but also help the environment maintain its ecological footprint.

Benefits Of Scrap Metal Recycling

Lesser Energy Consumption

Extracting a metal from its ore and smelting it to become useful requires higher energy consumption and utilizes more resources than the recycling process. For instance, recycling copper uses only 10GJ/ton as compared to 100GJ/ton energy required to extract copper from its ore; that is 10% more than what is required for recycling.

Also, it is easier to shape the scrap metal into high-quality’’ industrial grade materials.

Protecting Natural Resources

Our Earth might be pregnant with all the essentials metals and minerals that are exploited by humans for miscellaneous advancements, but persistent mining to extract metals ruins the environment in more than one way.

Pollution, corrosion and complete destruction of the natural habitats poses a serious threat to the bigger picture of a greener and cleaner world. For instance, roughly speaking, 1 ton of aluminum recovered from recycling methods saves 4 tons of bauxite ore!

Reducing Landfill Wastes

A lot less of scrap metal trash ends up being dumped in landfills when it is collected and sent diligently for recycling.

A poorly maintained landfill suffers from decomposition gas seepage into the surrounding environment, vector (rats, mosquitoes etc.) population outbursts and groundwater contamination due to leachate.

Low Greenhouse Gas Emission

Metal extraction from its ore and subsequent smelting ought to emit greenhouse gases such as methane, Co2 etc. that poses a severe environmental threat by contributing to the greenhouse effect and climate change.

Scrap metal recycling shuns any such damaging obligation. Iron and Steel industry alone has a global greenhouse emission share of 4.8% which is the largest carbon footprint amongst any industrial sector.

As Good As The Original

Scrap metal recycling is a sequel that is as close and as good as the original crude ore from which the pure metal is extracted. Copper, aluminum, Iron and Steel are some of the most recycled metals that are 100% recyclable without any loss in grade, state or quality.

Green Technology

Using recycled metals promotes green technology which more and more organizations around the world are becoming conscious of. People are finding newer ways to reduce the global carbon footprint.

It is a well-known fact that electronic wastes coming from mobile gadgets, batteries etc. emit toxic wastes such as mercury and lead that seeps into the surrounding soils and water thereby causing an irreversible environmental damage.


So, whether it is that broken washing machine or the sack of soda cans resting in your backyard, it is time to perform your green good deed and call an expert scrap metal collector and recycler.

Is there any better and greener way to turn that metal into money? Certainly not!

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