Phobia Cure

Phobia Cure

How good would it be if you knew you could get rid of a phobia in 3 hours or less? Well you can by using NLP techniques.

So First A Few Opinions On Phobias-

  • A phobia is an emotional fearful response which is rarely based on objective facts or reality.
  • A phobia can happen to anyone. It is not a reflection on one’s strength or character, intelligence, will-power, etc.
  • A phobia can develop at any age
  • A phobia can normally be ‘eradicated’ in a few hours, at most…

NLP Help For Phobias

I would recommend that, if it is at all possible, you seek a professional therapist who is experienced in phobia eradication using NLP. NLP is quite simply the quickest and easiest route that I have come across.

Find a therapist who has also trained in NLP to Master practitioner level because, when properly and professionally used, NLP can generally eradicate any phobia in between 30 minutes and two or three hours. For example:

1. Most single issue phobias (such as insects, animals, etc.) can be resolved in up to 30 minutes.

2. More complex phobias such as fear of flying or claustrophobia may require up to three hours.

3. Panic attacks and what is often called ‘social phobia’ tend to be symptoms of different forms of stress and are likely to need a more thorough approach – and longer time – than a phobia. We may need to clear the emotions attached to the panic attacks.

You can read my article on managing panic attacks here.

Hypnosis for phobias? What about hypnosis?

Yes, it can work for some people. But NLP has the advantage that it does not matter whether or not you are a good ‘trance subject’.
And, as you are conscious and playing a very active part throughout the process you may find the NLP approach more self-empowering.

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