Stop Panic Attacks Or Live With Them

stop panic attacks

This is a subject I have written about so many times before and I think it needs more attention; so many of us have very busy lives (and many of us do not make the time to read articles like this). Is it possible to stop panic attacks? Read on…

The pressure of living is sometimes too much for us and some of us suffer from panic attacks.

We are built to cope with small levels of stress and for short periods of time, but unfortunately so many of us are constantly in a state of stress in work and in our homes as well. There is nowhere we switch off, so our brains keep on going on and on, even when we sleep.

Look back to the lives our grandparents lead and see how slow their pace of life was. They did not have the technology that we have today and were not bound to computers or cell phones. They had time to relax and be with their loved ones and friends.

They worked 9 – 5 Monday to Friday and had the evening times and weekend to relax. Back then nothing even opened on a Sunday!

I remember the days when the shops only opened until 12 pm noon on Saturdays. Offices were closed, shops were closed and people spent time in nature with the people they love.

These days we are bound to our computers, tablets, phones and people can contact us constantly so we never switch off to let our body recuperate. Many of us work 60+ hours a week, plus work on the weekends.

When we are not working there is so much pressure to live up to societal expectations. The advertising is constantly hitting us, whether it is on radio, T.V. billboards, newspapers, there is a never-ending stream of pressure on us from every angle.

The pressure to conform, to be the same as everyone else, to keep up with the Jones’s. It is everywhere you look.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what it would have been like in our grandparent’s time. I am sure they were much more relaxed than we are today.

Sometimes stress can be good. It can be a challenge that keeps us alert and motivated. It also makes us ready to avoid danger. (Like ready to run away from a saber tooth tiger.

Not that there are many of those living in our cities these days, but I am sure you understand what I am saying). It is normal to have some stress in your life.

One of the best things you can do for your health is manage it, even when you can’t control the source of it. Here is a great resource for dealing with anxiety and fear.

On the flip side stress can be very bad…

So what happens when it gets too much? That’s right. We get sick!

If you’re constantly under stress, you may develop physical symptoms, for example; headaches, high blood pressure, IBS, chest pain, lack of libido and poor sleep.

Stress can also lead to emotional problems, depression, panic attacks, or other forms of anxiety and worry.

You see, stress can play a bigger part in your life than you may realise. You may not relate your headache to stress, but if you are stressed, it is probably the cause.

You might take a pill to reduce your headache, but that is only treating the symptom. For true healing to occur you MUST treat the CAUSE.

You may be suffering from anxiety or depression and be taking pills for this but it is treating the CAUSE or simple masking it.

I work with my clients in finding the cause and making permanent change in their lives so that stress does not affect them in the same way. They can use stress to motivate them but not overtake them.

So how do we do this? We change the way we see stress, we change the way stress feels in our body. We change the behaviours we ‘do’ around stress. We change our awareness so we can see what is really going on.

We become aware of our triggers, so when we see a stressful situation coming towards us, we can better prepare ourselves.

Learn How To Stop Panic Attacks

Here Is An Example Of How Someone Might ‘Do’ A Panic Attack

  1. They may feel a certain level of stress
  2. They may focus on that stress and how it feels in their body
  3. They concentrate on the knot in their belly
  4. Then they notice their breathing is getting shallower and shallower
  5. Then as they are concentrating harder on their shallow breathing, they focus on it
  6. Then they think they are never going to get their breathe back
  7. They feel their heart fluttering.
  8. Then they start shaking
  9. Then they think they are going to die
  10. Their vision may get blurry due to lack of oxygen
  11. They may then pass out.

I know how this feels because this was MY old strategy of getting panic attacks.

Can you see I can give you a step by step list of HOW I did it? You will notice I used the word ‘did’ as I no longer suffer from panic attacks.

That is it! It is half the level of steps so easier to achieve, when you know HOW!

Can you image how different my body now feels compared to the years I spent having panic attacks?

I have now put in a different strategy. This is what I do now.

  1. I feel a certain level of stress
  2. I focus on my breathing taking big deep breaths
  3. I get up, change my posture to an open posture, where I can give my body oxygen
  4. I tell myself I am safe and in control and concentrate on taking big, deep breaths.

That is it! It is half the level of steps so easier to achieve, when you know HOW!

Can you image how different my body now feels compared to the years I spent having panic attacks? I had no idea I could stop panic attacks from happening to me. I no longer have headaches, panic attacks, my muscles are freer than ever before. I now have these strategies and I have used this strategy with other emotions as well.

Your subconscious mind learns behaviours, just like a child does and you can retrain it. Your subconscious is there to protect you, but when it learns a strategy that will keep you safe and protected and makes you feel good, it will change your behaviour in an instant.

This is why I love doing the work I do. There is no need to stay on pills for the rest of your life, when you learn these strategies. When you know how to make these changes, you can then turn this knowledge to other areas of you like.

You brain is ‘plastic’ (not literally of course. Neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, refers to the brain’s ability to CHANGE throughout life. The human brain has the amazing ability to reorganise itself by forming new connections between brain cells (neurons).

By growing these neural networks you can create so much change in your life. You can create change in your physical health, mental health, in fact ALL areas of your life.

I hope that this article helps you to understand you CAN CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOURS, LIFE & HEALTH. It IS possible to stop panic attacks. There is no need to live a miserable life of pain and suffering. You just need to find the strategies that work for you.

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Sharon White – Subconscious Mind Expert

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