NLP – Training Diets

NLP - Training Diets

Let’s start by being honest and admit that most diets don’t work. You must have already tried some and found that out yourself! And you are still looking for the right new one to come along!!

You know the ones i’m talking about. Lets just drink water and eat lemons, or lets eat 20 pills a day and drink water and a shake.

Perhaps the one that you can eat as much as you want when you want and still not be fat? Have you heard of this one? You can try them all and you’ll always come back to the same fact.

If you don’t work on your mind first, none of these diets will ever work.

Think of your mind and body as individuals that have to be managed, organized, nurtured then you can be closer to having a good diet.

Your mind is still very young in its development. Treat it like a child. It has temper tantrums, can’t control itself most of the time and runs habitual thinking patterns. Your body is the same, it craves, has obsessions and won’t stop until it gets what it wants

That’s why any diet that restricts the body will turn on itself eventually like a coiled spring. Ever tried telling kids they cant have something when they really want it? They will get what they want somehow or other.

Your body does not like being told it can’t have this or that. It actually may crave something it needs that’s in an odd food, like protein from fish and chips.

So you have to listen to what’s being asked for for a good purpose ands what’s just an abstract habitual craving.

So if your mind and body are both children who’s in charge you may ask?? Well you are, but its the you that can have intention and belief. The deeper you, the original source or captain of the ship.

The other you will just be old patterns handed down from family and peers. So the first part is to listen to what your body is asking for.

See what it needs it for and decide if you, as captain of the ship think the ship and crew should endeavor into this port or not.

Have your goal in mind as you do this, but do not put pressure on to achieve in a frame of time that bullied the mind or body too much. In other words give yourself space.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your body. Set yourself up for this may take some time, but on the way you will learn more about how to manage your mind and body then just taking diets parrot fashion for the rest of your life!

Have a look at the foods you eat. What do you really love thats good food. Stock plenty of that in the house and make a note of where you can get it when out and about.

So there’s two parts here. Managing the body as we just talked about (a bit of negotiation and give and take) and then the mind. The mind is full of old patterns of thinking and habitual, obsessive ways.

It likes to find comfort zones, so that even when you have got a good system running and you feel good about the direction, still be looking to change again when the time comes.

If you can think of your whole system as a planetary body with seasons and climate changes, no one diet will sustain a natural system like that for too long. You cant dictate clothes to the weather system, you’ll get wet too often and burned sometimes too!

So you must plan the course and direction, yet be willing to change course, as a good captain would do, if the route becomes unusable or not efficient. Today’s plan will be to look for what you really love and is good for you.

Then where you can source it and what it will replace. Next job today, look for the times of day when you feel most vulnerable to eating stuff that doesn’t work. Look to see what you can do at those times that will stimulate you.

You may have to consider this quite a lot, and thats training for your mind. Start using your mind as a friend. Use it to consider options, work out strategies , meditate on things to sleep on and come up with answers when you least expect it.

If you do fall into habits you don’t want, at least enjoy them while doing them and don’t beat yourself up afterwards. That would be like telling a 6 year old off for eating what they wanted, not an effective strategy !

I trust this has been useful and you will come back for more…good stuff that is!!

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