Benefits Of Massage

Benefits Of Massage

Muscles automatically contract around any painful site to support the area. If pain is treated fast, your muscles relax.

If pain is left for too long the muscles begin to shorten and stay in the shortened position causing imbalance. Sometimes contractions press on nerves causing pain, tingling, pins and needles and numbness.

Tight muscles reduce circulation therefore allowing waste products (toxins), from inflammation and normal muscle function to accumulate. This can have the effect of fatigue and soreness. It can also irritate nerves causing increasing pain to the effected area.

As massage relaxes the nervous system, blood vessels dilate to increase blood flow and waste product are flushed away.

Massage helps the nervous system to relax working on the bodies stress response, relaxing muscle tension and allowing heart rate, blood pressure and circulation to return to normal.

Massage After Exercise

When we exercise we build up lactic acid in our bodies causing our bodies to feel fatigued and sore. This is where massage helps. Massage lengthens out muscles that are sore and tight also flushing out the lactic acid, making our bodies function better.

Because massage helps our bodies get back to normal function it can help you get back to normal activity sooner, enhance your performance and help your muscles work more efficiently.

Many sports and fitness enthusiasts use regular massage to keep their bodies functioning better making it a part of their health care routine. This is because an area of constant tension can impair performance and even lead to injury when stressed.

Massage techniques can loosen areas of tension (even areas when you are not yet feeling the tension) preventing injury.

Massage & Injury

If injured your body often repairs itself forming scar tissue, consisting of highly matted collagen fibres. These fibres tear and re-tear easily, hindering healing and causing your movements to become painful or restricted.

Massage can limit scar tissue in new injuries and limit or reduce scar tissue in old injuries. Your muscles will move more freely with less pain.

Massage In The Corporate Environment

In today’s world with stress as high as it is and us all having to work longer hours, it really has an effect on our bodies and our minds. When you have a massage at work it makes sure you are away from your desk, giving your mind a break as well as your body.

Most corporate companies find it is beneficial to have a massage therapist come into massage their staff as it improves productivity as the staff are more relaxed and feel rejuvenated.

When we used the same muscles time and time again, (e.g. the muscles used in typing – forearm muscles) they became overused and exhausted.

That is where OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome) gets its name. Massage plays a great role in preventing this, as well as you making sure your work stations are set up correctly.

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