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Our bodies require a minimum amount of clean, pure, natural water each day to maintain a good level of hydration. A properly hydrated body will increase your body’s “cell” communication, resulting in better health.

In our bodies water transports elements (hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients) to vital organs, which, in turn, produce substances that are made available to the rest of the body. Without proper hydration, the brain, which is 85% water and controls the body’s “waterways”, cannot do it’s job properly.

Getting The Right Amount & Quality Water Our Body Needs Good Daily Hydration

The following functional, healing benefits are assisted in our bodies by drinking plenty of water every day. (the opposite to these will result from not drinking enough water every day):

  1. Increased absorption and utilisation of nutrients
  2. Increased oxygen availability to the cells
  3. Increased detoxification of the body as a whole
  4. More perfect cell replication

In our Western society people have adapted to drinking coffee, fruit drinks, soft drinks and other such products as a means of satisfying our thirst.

What many people do not realise is that many of these drinks in fact dehydrate our bodies of water and are of no assistance to us at all.

Everyone needs to intake a minimum amount of water each day to at least maintain the level of water in our cells. Good hydration is as important as good eating.

Water Requirement Calculation

A good guideline below as promoted by Paul Chek, is for the minimum daily intake for our body weight. We can calculate the amount of pure, filtered, non treated water that we need on average each day.

This amount of water is the minimum you need a day to assist your cells functioning optimally.

This is calculated on our body weight in kg’s, divided by 0.024. This level of water intake works out at 1 litre plus 1 cup (1250ml) for each 30 kg of body weight.

Example –

An 80 kg person would require 3 1/3 litres per day

= 80 kg divided by 0.024 = 3.3 litres per day

Coke, lemonade, alcohol and caffeinated beverages do not count as water intake as they are dehydrating to our system and easily strip water from our bodies.

We also have to remember that is we are undertaking physical exercise or it’s a hot day we will have to increase our intake. Also we loose at least 450 ml of water each day as we breath. This will increase to at least 1 litre if the day is hot or we are doing exercise.

Water For Body Weight Chart

The following chart is a general guideline for the litres per day of water that we require to maintain good cell hydration.

Remember, more is better.

Weight in kgLitres Per Day

Adding Pure, Natural Salts To Drinking Water

While we are drinking water we can also improve the level of electrolytes we take into our bodies. This is done by adding a pinch of quality, natural, non iodised salt to our drinking water.

In doing this we assist the body greatly in maintaining the balance of electrolytes in cells and the water surrounding them. This has a huge impact on the health of our cells as they are better able to retain minerals and water in the cells and this has a very healing effect on our bodies.

We are in fact making the cells job easier and doing that will also greatly assist the detox process.  Many of us are over acidic, and the salt will assist us to regain a normal PH balance, thus reducing our oxidization (ageing) and allowing the healing to begin.

Remember, Natural Sea Salt, Never Processed Salt

I use a natural salt product called Himalayan Crystal Salt.

I dissolve a pinch of Lotus Himalayan Crystal Salt into about a litre of pure, filtered water for drinking. I want to increase the mineral content of the water without tasting a salty drink. You will find that you do not need to use very much.

Great as an electrolyte, so use if you work out, or for any sportspeople where dehydration may occur remember that true, pure salt actually assists the body to re-hydrate.

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