Ketogenic Eating For Optimal Health

Ketogenic Eating For Optimal Health

Many people falsely label themselves as emotional eaters and believe they succumb to eating unhealthy foods due to lack of willpower, but this isn’t always the case.

With traditional carbohydrate based diets, every time we consume carbs, they get broken down into glycogen and flood our blood with sugar.

Our pancreas notices this increase in sugar and responds by releasing insulin to flush it out of the blood and into our cells.

When insulin is present, it not only forces glycogen into cells, but it also forces fat into fat cells making us store fat as opposed to burning it as a fuel. You can eat a meal with no fat at all, but the result of the blood spike will force your body to store fat that is floating around your body.

Once the sugar is flushed out of the blood and into the cells, we experience a dive in energy and a message is sent to the brain to refill again by consuming more carbs.

This is the science behind food cravings. You know the feeling, you have a bowl of pasta for lunch and then by around 3 or 4 you start feeling sleepy and a chocolate bar seems like a good idea.

Sometimes you resist the temptation, however, sometimes you submit to these cravings and eat the chocolate.

You see, cravings are a real in built physiological response, invoked by the foods we eat and it takes real will power and determination to fight cravings which are deeply ingrained into our genetics to ensure our survival.

We can lose weight by using sheer determination, but it’s a constant struggle and breeds negative thoughts, guilt associated with the foods we eat and it affects our body image.

Traditional diets set us up to fail and the carbohydrate content actually encourages us to over eat and eat too often.

When we try to follow a diet and fail to eat to the plan or overeat, we quite often feel guilty, throw in the towel and revert to our old habits. So don’t beat yourself up and label yourself as someone who has no willpower.

If you have been eating a “traditional” carbohydrate based diet, you have been constantly fighting real physiological urges and that is why 95% of people who follow a carb based diet fail and put the weight back on within two years.

However when we restrict carbohydrate intake to less than 40g per day, after seven to ten days, our body is forced to start using fat as a fuel source as opposed to carbohydrates or glycogen.

When your body becomes fat adapted and is using fat as its primary fuel source, it starts to create

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Matt Straight – Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Creator of KetoFast


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