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Curb Your Sweet Tooth

6 Holistic Ways To Curb Your Sweet Tooth

We’ve all heard the expression: a sweet tooth. The problem with the expression is that it can make a craving for sugar sound less...
Good Eating Habits

How To Get Through Winter Without Changing Good Eating Habits

Atkins, the low carb experts share their secrets to maintaining weight wellness and good eating habits this winter. For many, winter symbolises the start of a...
Holiday indulgence without the carb loading – a Merry Atkins Low Carb Christmas

Holiday Indulgence Without Carb Loading – A Merry Atkins Low Carb Christmas

With Christmas around the corner and silly season in full swing, it doesn’t mean you need to fall off the healthy eating wagon this...
Peri Peri Chicken

Peri Peri Chicken

Technique 1 Place your chicken thighs in a bowl and season with salt and Peri Peri seasoning. You may also use Cajun seasoning if you...
Decadent Choc Cheesecake

Decadent Choc Cheesecake

Technique 1 Soften cream cheese and butter in a medium bowl, whisk in stevia. 2 Once combined, add vanilla, sour cream and cocoa. Whisk at a...
Ketogenic Eating For Optimal Health

Ketogenic Eating For Optimal Health

Many people falsely label themselves as emotional eaters and believe they succumb to eating unhealthy foods due to lack of willpower, but this isn’t...

Impress Your Guests With Carb-Conscious Canapés This Party Season

With Melbourne Cup, Christmas parties and summer celebrations just around the corner, the team at Atkins Nutritionals has devised a range of tasty, healthy-body...

Spring Clean Your Body

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer - Most of us have a habit of over indulging over winter – eating...
Atkins & Ketogenic Diet

Atkins & Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss

Atkins & Ketogenic Diet. Choosing the right diet for LONG-TERM weight loss. With spring just around the corner, and plenty of media hype around cutting...
New Year’s Resolution

Ketogenic Diet

There has been a renewed interest in low carbohydrate, high fat (LCHF) diets in recent years, and amongst the variations of these is the...


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