Hearing The Beat Of Your Own Drum


Question:  I have a hard time with doing a journey; can you recommend a drumming cd?

Answer:  While I have a number of drumming cd’s that I absolutely love; I will share with you the gift an early teacher of mine shared with me.  He said “when you can hear the internal, you can appreciate the external”.

My first response was “huh”.  At the time, I was beginning the journey and did not understand how the simple beat of a drum was to take me on some path outside of me.

He went on to explain that when I could hear the beat of my own “drum” heartbeat, it was then that I would understand the magic of the drum beat.

In retrospect, it was one of the deepest gifts he shared with me.  You see, when you can silence the mind in order to hear the beat of your own heart it is then that you are releasing the external.

Releasing all that is external is the first step in any type of meditation or journey.

Each one of us has a vibrational ‘beat’ that is our own.  We will always resonate with it.  It is always with us, regardless of external.  Many times we today look for an external answer, an external tool in order to experience the spiritual.

When we go internal, when we seek the experience of the spiritual within, it is then we can truly begin to experience the journey.  All the answers to all of our questions can be found within.  They already exist.

So how is it that you begin to silence enough to hear the drum beat of your own heart?

Lay down on the Earth, or on the floor if need be, and simply begin to breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Lay your right hand over the cavity of your chest and simply be.

Don’t press the hand hard into the chest to attempt to force the feeling, simply rest it there.  As you breathe, focus on the sensation of your hand and the pulse that rises up to it.

Remember, it may take some practice in order to even feel the beat of your own heart.  It is worth it.

Once you begin to ‘feel’ the beat, focus on beginning to allow the sound to whisper in your mind.  Focus only on the beat.  When you can hear your own drum, it is then you will find that the drum of Mother Earth can be felt rising up within you.  And the journey begins.

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Carla Goddard

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