How Do I Meet My Spirit Animal Guide

Spirit Animal Guide

Question:  How do I meet my spirit animal guides?

Answer:  There are many beliefs and practices around animal guides.  It has been shared with me that each of us has an animal totem to guide our lives; while others have shared with me that they believe we each have hundreds of animal guides.

I asked my teacher about this along time ago, I remember his reply vividly.  “Each soul is related to each animal.  They come when you need the most protection.

The most medicine. “.  It has been my personal experience that I have animal guides that seem to reoccur in my journey, while others share medicine when it is most needed.

Every animal is related and thus they can be called up one for guidance. Just as with any spirit guide, animal guides come when they are called upon and are needed.  It is my experience to simply call upon one for the mere sake of it, is asking for that lesson.

I remember my first ‘lesson’.  I wanted my own animal guide.  I wanted something ‘cool’ like a lion, a jaguar or maybe even a dolphin.  So off I went to set my intention and journey to meet this fantastical animal guide.

I went out to my favorite meditation spot and began to breath.   I was only there for a few moments when it happened.  I got a bite.  I had not noticed in my impatience that I had plopped down in the middle of a red ant mound.  My upper leg covered with a stinging bite.

I called my teacher to complain and whine about the bites, when he shared perhaps I may want to reconsider why I was calling out to an animal guide if I did not want the medicine they offered.  See the medicine of the ant is patience.

Have you ever watched an ant carry a piece of food larger than them across a path?  Powerful medicine in that example.  In my impatience, the animal guides gave me the medicine lesson I most needed.  Patience.

We may wish to seek out the wisdom and medicine of a particular animal guide, but what will show up is the one that has the important lesson and wisdom to impart to you.

This wisdom may be necessary to resolve the real question within before we can move on.  Remember, even the smallest of guides can share the most powerful of medicine.

I am sure that this does not bode well with those of you who are intent upon finding the power animal to declare as your own.  Be sure of your intent before you ask.  If you are ready, the animal guide will come to you.

Many times it may not be in the journey, but rather in the physical life.  Are you seeing spiders?  What about snakes?  Or hearing owls?  If you are, ask in meditative journey’s what the wisdom is of the animal and you may just be surprised at the answer.

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Carla Goddard

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