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Living The Epigenetic Life

I had been diagnosed with terminal, incurable cancer in 2006; riddled with cancer in the bones.  My vertebrae broke in two places due to...
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Let’s Realign Everything

Re - invigorating the storyline of your auto-immune system. I would love to gift you a FREE Sound Healing to help you realign. This concept may...

Move From Anxiety To Calm – FREE Sound Healing

With christmas quickly approaching it is vital that we keep ourselves centred and calm. It is a time when families get together. Some families...
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Shifting Our Perception From Hard To Easy By Danielle Luck – FREE Sound Healing

Here is a sound healing for you. I interviewed Danielle Luck this morning and we spoke about how some of us think change is...
Sound Healing

Sound Healing. What Is It?

I have been into healing my whole life, I have experienced a lot of different modalities. When I have come across each of them,...

Uniquely You

What does being Uniquely You mean? What this means to me is that you can begin to go inside you and look at who...

Releasing Trauma Through Sound Healing

Last night it was a super moon. A super moon is the time when the moon is closer to the earth and it looks...

Hearing The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Question:  I have a hard time with doing a journey; can you recommend a drumming cd? Answer:  While I have a number of drumming cd’s...
Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy – What Is It?

Sound therapy refers to a range of therapies in which sound is used to treat physical and mental conditions. One of these therapies is...

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