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When Cancer Comes To Visit

I have had more experience with cancer then I ever expected, or wanted. But we can’t chose what comes into our lives, we can simply...
Ancestral Medicine Women

The Ancestral Medicine Women Say Illness Is A Gift.

I have just finished an interview with Brad and Caroline Dunn. Well actually I was talking to them until Caroline channelled the Ancestral Medicine...
Soul Loss

Is Your Soul Shattered? Are You Experiencing Soul Loss?

My life has sometimes played out like a science fiction or fantasy novel that even I have found hard to believe at times. From...
a shamanic perspective.

Autoimmune Disease. A Shamanic Perspective

Do we treat symptoms or seek causes? Read about autoimmune disease from a shamanic perspective. There are many diseases we humans are susceptible to that...
Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing – Going Deep, Deeper, Deepest

It is a real pleasure to have been invited by Sharon White to be one of the contributors to Holistic Living Magazine, and connect...