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When Cancer Comes To Visit

I have had more experience with cancer then I ever expected, or wanted. But we can’t chose what comes into our lives, we can simply...
Ancestral Medicine Women

The Ancestral Medicine Women Say Illness Is A Gift.

I have just finished an interview with Brad and Caroline Dunn. Well actually I was talking to them until Caroline channelled the Ancestral Medicine...
Soul Loss

Is Your Soul Shattered? Are You Experiencing Soul Loss?

My life has sometimes played out like a science fiction or fantasy novel that even I have found hard to believe at times. From...
a shamanic perspective.

Autoimmune Disease. A Shamanic Perspective

Do we treat symptoms or seek causes? Read about autoimmune disease from a shamanic perspective. There are many diseases we humans are susceptible to that...
Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing – Going Deep, Deeper, Deepest

It is a real pleasure to have been invited by Sharon White to be one of the contributors to Holistic Living Magazine, and connect...
Earth Meditation

Earth Meditation

Let us unite around the World in meditation, linking hearts and minds in unison; synchronising in harmony and balance. Begin by feeling your body’s position...

Easy, Effective Protection For Everyday People

I have been asked again about psychic protection for everyday experience.  This is a condensed version of a series of articles posted over the...
Shaman Healing

What’s The Difference Between A Shaman Healing And Reiki?

Question:  Is the healing at your fires the same thing as Reiki? Answer:  Reiki is a form of energetic healing that uses specific frequencies in...

How Are We All Connected?

Question:  Can you explain how we are all connected? Answer:  There are so many levels upon which one may answer this question.  I will attempt...

Hearing The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Question:  I have a hard time with doing a journey; can you recommend a drumming cd? Answer:  While I have a number of drumming cd’s...

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