How Are We All Connected?


Question:  Can you explain how we are all connected?

Answer:  There are so many levels upon which one may answer this question.  I will attempt to answer it in the simplest of terms possible as I see it.

We are all energetic beings that vibrate a set of frequencies.  Every species of the animal kingdom are energetic and also vibrate a set of frequencies.  This is true of the plant kingdom and our Mother Earth.

It is a law of nature.  Your personal energy is connected with the Universal energy; perhaps different frequencies but still they are connected.

From an earlier age, we as humans are taught that we are self-contained shells (our bodies) and within that shell is health or disease, energy or fatigue, and so on. 

In this way we are taught only one aspect of energetics.  We become bound in our thoughts that this is truth.  And, in fairness, it is truth – but it is only one aspect of truth.

I like to describe Universal energy as a tapestry that is weaved and is infinite in its beauty.  Each thread is the base from which the tapestry is made. Our personal energy is only a small part of the tapestry.

In each aspect of frequency, a new thread is born to be woven into the tapestry.  Is the fringe of a tapestry less or more important than the thread colored in the center.  If it is infinite, do we really know where center is?

Each of the threads are entwined with one another in such a way that we can never see one without seeing another.  It is the same with the human energy.  A small thread in the midst of a beautiful canvas which tells a story of the Universe.

As a species, we tend to believe we are the top of the ‘food chain’ so to speak.  Yet, without the threads of the plant kingdom we may not have the color green or without the threads of the animal kingdom we may not have the color orange. 

Would the tapestry reveal the same story without these colored threads?

Within the natural laws, we can begin to ‘see’ the tapestry within all aspects of energy rather than the single thread of human energetics.

Interestingly, as much as we have evolved since the first known man, the human energy system has not shifted significantly in all this time.  As human beings, our energy carries many of the same frequencies – fear, love, dreams, anger.

We perhaps may try to ‘dye’ the thread colors but the skies rain down upon us and reveal the true color beneath.  We can begin to see the connection between the threads is when we will even begin to ‘see’ more than a single aspect.

Let’s ask it even in simpler terms:  Imagine your life with no plant kingdom. 

This one imagination not only removes some of the most beautiful aspects of the tapestry, it also removes the animal kingdom and the two legged kingdom.  No food to eat.  Do you see the interconnection now?

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Carla Goddard

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