Effective Ways To Eliminate Stress During The Holidays

Eliminate Stress

The holidays can be the most pleasurable, yet stressful time of the year. As we begin the holiday season, it’s important to examine your holiday experiences a little deeper and find ways to develop more appropriate responses to the unsettling chaos that often accompanies them and help eliminate stress.

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To begin it’s essential to observe how you may contribute to the stress and determine if you can either rectify it or learn from it. Do you fully understand what triggers your stress?

Is it the extra work you find yourself doing or perhaps the need to interact with one or more of the people you feel fortunate to see only once a year? Ask yourself, are your responses coming from your ego-mind or your Inner Voice of Love and Wisdom?

Everyone has some type of fear. Maybe it’s rejection of some type, which is the most common.

Think about it, are you in tune with what the person or situation is trying to tell you? When you reject others’ ideas, beliefs, feelings, or worth, they will naturally feel wounded and become defensive.

Once they are in a wounded frame of mind, they move into their defense mode and their listening turns off. They have the same need to feel worthy, in control, smart, successful, and good enough as you.

So how do you not only cope but discover the joy of the season while dealing with the person or people that add that extra dimension of stress to the situation?

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Holiday Season & Self-Discovery – Eliminate Stress By Finding Serenity & Peace

Fear of any kind is the absence of serenity and peace. It is the expectation of something negative, either immediate or in the future. Recognize your fear, your misgivings, your need for perfection, acceptance or love.

Although fear can be a valuable and appropriate response to imminent danger, kicking in your fight or flight response, it can also be an illogical response to certain stimuli.

Fear at a holiday gathering, and many other fears can cause extreme stress in your life and can kick in a fear response that can escalate to a full blown panic attack.

It’s imperative that you keep your calm knowing the other person might also be experiencing her or his own fears. The ultimate is to first find your own inner balance.

By centering or balancing your own emotional energy, you put yourself in a place of serenity and can more easily restore inner peace. It’s important to listen to your Inner-Voice, even if it is faint.

Remember, no one causes your anger, frustration, or stress. When you dwell in serenity, you will not become combative no matter what the other person says.

Shifting your thoughts and feelings allows alternative solutions to surface and you will be rewiring your brain to shift into higher frequencies of consciousness immediately, which in turn also establishes new patterns and reactions for future encounters and events and helps eliminate stress.

Serenity signifies that deep calm, devoid of emotional disturbance, which distinguishes the disciple who is focused in a “mind held steady in the light’. The surface of his life may be [from the worldly angle] in a state of violent flux.

All that he cherishes and holds dear may be crashing around him. But in spite of all, he stands firm, poised in soul consciousness and the depths of his life remain undisturbed.” ~ Master Djwahl Khul

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