Skincare Routine For Healthy Skin

Skincare Routine For Healthy Skin

A lot of things inevitably change as you get older, and your skincare routine should be one of them, too. Of course, we know that changes can be quite challenging and nerve-racking, but it doesn’t have to be like that at all. Keep on reading and learn how to upgrade your skincare routine in just five simple steps!

Switch From A Foam Facial Cleanser To A Cream One

Even though foam facial cleansers are said to do the best job when it comes to breaking down makeup and removing dirt and excess oil from your face, it actually isn’t the case with mature skin.

The reason is quite simple: as skin matures, it can lose its moisture, nutrients and natural oils, which can result in drier skin.

Foam cleansers, no matter how great they are, are likely to dry out your skin even more, so be sure to switch to a cream cleanser and give your skin what it needs.

The majority of such cleansers are formulated with replenishing oils that can effectively remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse your skin without drying it out. That’s what you should look for in a facial cleanser.

Remember To Exfoliate For A More Luminous Appearance

Apart from cleansing, exfoliating your skin is another essential step you shouldn’t skip if soft and supple skin is your top priority. Picking the right scrub formula is essential here, as your scrub should be neither too aggressive nor too gentle.

Scrubs that are too harsh can actually irritate your skin and even cause micro-scratches, whereas too gentle ones won’t do literally anything for you – except for wasting your time and money.

So, you should get a scrub formulated to exfoliate dead skin cell buildup from the surface and therefore give your face a fresh, rejuvenated look.

Once you start using it, you’ll notice that your skin instantly feels much smoother, which is a crucial step towards a healthy and luminous appearance.

Moisturize For A Youthful Look

Another product you should never skip is a moisturizer, and the first thing you should pay extra attention to is its formula.

The first factor you should bear in mind is your skin type, which is quite logical simply because ladies with oily skin don’t have the same needs as those with dry or sensitive skin.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, your skin will become much drier as it matures, which is exactly why you should switch to thicker, non-greasy moisturizers.

Such a formula will provide your skin with enough nutrients and nourish it from within, which is of the utmost importance.

You should also know that your moisturizer will penetrate much deeper into the skin after you’ve exfoliated it, so don’t forget to apply this product right after the scrub. You’ll notice a huge difference shortly!

Deal With The Changes On Your Skin Like A True Pro

Speaking of the changes on your skin, we must say that it’s completely natural for your skin to change as it matures.

Apart from wrinkles and fine lines, a lot of women over the age of 40 struggle with issues like dark marks, patches, and adult acne, which are influenced by a lot of different factors.

Some of them are your age, repeated exposure to the sun and hormonal factors, and what makes these skin problems even worse is the fact that they are extremely stubborn.

This usually means that you won’t be able to get rid of them by sticking to your regular skincare routine only – you’ll have to step it up if you want to get rid of acne, remove age spots or deal with any other issue you might be experiencing.

Quality acne products will visibly improve skin affected by blemishes and smooth it out with success, so make sure to incorporate them into your existing routine and you’ll see what we were talking about.

As for age spots, products with retinol and vitamin C are well-known for fighting the signs of aging and brightening the skin at the same time.

Embrace Facial Oil

Last but not least, facial oil is definitely one of the most raved about skincare products these days, as millions of women swear by it and claim that it does wonders for their skin.

Even though slathering your face with oil probably doesn’t seem very smart, trust us when we say that you should definitely give it a try.

First of all, this product will step up your moisturizing routine, as it will provide even more hydration and nourish your dry skin to the max.

Besides that, the majority of such oils have a weightless finish that will leave your skin looking dewy and vibrant – not oily or greasy. Only four or five drops of facial oil will make a great difference, so use it before your moisturizer for the ultimate hydration.

Just add it to the palm of your hand, dab it onto the skin, and then press the oil gently using the whole surface of your hands.

As you can see, upgrading your skincare routine is an absolute must once you turn 40, so be sure not to skip this step and stay as youthful as possible. Just stick to our useful tips and you’ll undoubtedly do the right thing for your skin!

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