Improving Relationships & Understanding Character – PART 4

Character Analysis And Relationships. Part 4

Below is a transcript of this Part 4 (of 4 articles and two videos) interview on character analysis and relationships with Robert Kirby done by Sharon White.

There are two videos and four articles in this series. So grab yourself a cuppa and settle in to learn more about character analysis and how it can affect you in your relationship with yourself and with others around you.

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What Can You Do To Heal These Character Traits/Wounds?

Robert: It is a very interesting life indeed. I have known you for six or seven years and you’re amazing and as you indicated you related mostly to the intuitive. This is why you have such an incredible ability to channel spiritual information.

When you work with your clients you’re brilliant because you’re so intuitive. Of course some of the downside is, (you and I have discussed that we share this in common) the feeling that you don’t fit in.

You fit in everywhere a little bit, but not completely and you don’t fit in anywhere completely.

You’ve healed in the past, that tendency to have terrors. It could be night terrors or nightmares or feeling not safe on the planet.

One of the ways to overcome this is to get grounded. A good way is called earthing. There’s a book called earthing that is it’s written Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra & Martin Zucker.

Essentially what it is, is you can just take your bare feet, put them on the grass in the backyard or walk in the park, or even just sitting putting your feet on the grass, or on the beach going for a walk, on the sand.

This really stimulates electromagnetic energy running through the body and really grounds you.

Robert is an author for Holistic Living Magazine.

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Other things that you can do are grounding exercises. There are exercises in bioenergetics. Even just jumping in place for a minute or two can make you more present.

It can make you more emotionally, spiritually and energetically available to connect with another human being. People often have difficulty with survival because they’re disconnected, they live in their own etheric world and so they’ll struggle with manifesting.

One of the things that you can do is what I call scissor chops. You lay down on a mattress or a bed, keep your legs stiff and you chop them up and down like scissors. I call them scissor chops.

You want to slam the belly of your calf muscle on each side into the mattress. With each time you hit you make a sound, like ha ha ha. You could build up to do 100 a day. It’s a good way to start the day. It gets the energy down into your feet, into your legs.

It connects you to your heart and over a period of time you’ll get more and more present. More and more grounded. Alexander Lowen the amazing psychiatrist who helped develop body psychotherapy in particular, bioenergetics.

Even when he was in his 80’s he would do 300 kicks every morning before he got out of bed, because he wanted to start the day being present, being grounded, being focused, being able to manifest what he wanted.

Directing his own energy out into the world and living from his heart. So that’s your homework Sharon.

Sharon: Thank you. We are talking at the right time because you obviously realize I’ve shaved my hair off recently because of an autoimmune disease. I am finding that because my energy is low, I’m finding it incredibly hard to stay in my body without zoning off.

There are times in my life where I’m very aware that I do split off a lot, but actually I’m finding that I’ve regressed backwards at the moment.

When I’m having a conversation I have to be consciously aware of focusing on somebody whereas when I was feeling well it was becoming more and more natural. I am finding that a very interesting experience.

Robert: Look you got your homework, and the viewers now have an overview of character analysis. Of course it’s just a little bit of a sample, a little bit of a sneak preview.

But I definitely feel that whether you want to be more successful in business, or have a better relationship with yourself, or patch things up with family and friends, or find a new lover, or if you’re in a relationship take that relationship to the next level.

All these things are dramatically aided by working on character analysis, to strengthen your strengths first and foremost and to transform the character weaknesses.

It’s a beautiful process to watch someone go through and come out the other side and really owning their gifts.

There are gifts when we’re five years old and there are gifts when we’re 85 years old and so it’s never too late to work on these things and so we can manifest our hearts desire.

Sharon: Before I let you go you do lots and lots of free stuff for people. You run Heartfelt Relationship in Sydney fairly regularly.

Robert: We run Heartfelt Relationship once a month now in different parts of Sydney. You can contact me so you can tap into that. We also are running a course called career accelerator for people who want to get their career on track.

Character analysis is part of what we do and we do other things as well.

The cost of properties in Sydney are now going through the ceiling. If you live in Sydney, let’s say or anywhere where the costs are really high.

You have to get up there into leadership to get the kind of wages or income that you deserve or if you want to take your business to a new level.

One more thing is, we have a new course called leadership accelerator, and it’s one day and it’s free. We’re going to be running that often in the greater Sydney area as well so I just thought I’d mentioned that.

It’s great talking to you as always thank you Sharon.

Sharon: You’re welcome see you next time. We have recorded lots of videos with you in person.

If anyone wants to learn more they can find you in our membership area (if you are not yet joined up as a FREE member, you can join with the red SUBSCRIBE button below) and we’ve got lots of your interviews up on YouTube where our viewers can get to see a lot more of you.

They can contact you through your profile page too! Thank you so much Robert.

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Robert is an author for Holistic Living Magazine.

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